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14 January 2007
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Hi all,

ca. 1961 Agusta designed two V/STOL aircraft´s, the A.118 ( like the Mil W.12 ) and the twin boom aircraft A.119.
Any informations for these projekt´s?

Cheer´s Maveric

You will find informations about A.118 and A.119 in
site, and for Agusta postwar little known aircraft,there was A.111
two seat light aircraft which developed from CP.110 four seat light


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There were some compound derivatives of the Aguste A.110, which can
be regarded as predecessors to the A.118 and A.119 projects .


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Ah, ah, but what you REALLY want are REAL airplanes ;D
Just after the war Agusta employed a score of very famous designers. Mario Castoldi designed for them the AC.208 (since the last Macchi project by Castoldi was the MC-207, as you probably know), an advanced trainer with an Isotta Fraschini Delta and a triangular intake for the radiator under the propeller axis. It was presented in Milan at the Fiera Campionaria in 1950 in model form (that model still exists in glorious shape under the eyes of a lot of people who do not know what they are seeing... ::) 8) ) . Ing. Ermenegildo Preti designed the AP.100, a two engine tourism plane, exposed in model form alongside the Castoldi design. Preti also modified his P.110, a single engine tourism plane in the AP.111, which was tendered to the Aeronautica Militare as basic trainer but was beaten by the Piaggio P.148 and the Macchi M.416 (licensed version of a Fokker type) Nothing came of these projects. Then in 1951 Ing. Zappata came in Agusta from Breda and the things started to be interesting...


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Hi all,

thank´s a lot, but any technical data for this projekt´s?

Thanks especially for the AC.208 with the Isotta Fraschini Delta engine,
I think, I can use this installation for the Morane Saulnier MS.478, which
would have had the same engine ... ;)
My dear skybolt,

it is very lovely to know all those projects,but when Zappata
came,a many projects and aircraft were not known,such as
AZ-2 to AZ-7 and AZ-9,any idea please.

The A-120 was high speed medium range compound transport
helicopter powered by three engines and A-123 was anther
compound helicopter but powered by two engines.
From dear Jon,

CP-110 and A-111.


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Starts the Zappata's sequence. I know that many of you already know the first one, the Az-1 two-engines medium range transport for 50 passengers, but for all that not...
First drawing is of the definitive version, powered by two Bristol Proteus 705 turboprop. Second is a side view of the preliminary version, with two Wright Turbo-Cyclone.


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here is a very small Info about Agusta P.112 four seat light airplane Project,who
know more ?.


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now we know Agusta series from AZ.1 to AZ.10,except AZ.2 & AZ.9,any idea ?.
Does anyone have or know the dimensions for the Agusta A.Z.1 turboprop? My model organization would like to make a kit in 1/72 but without the dimensions, the drawings are just a guess. Any help will be most appreciated! :)
From Aviation Magazine 1953,

there is a three variants to AZ-1;

As we announced in our number 46, the engineer Filippo Zappata is now working at Agusta,
where he established the project of a twin-engine transport for 45-56 passengers, including
three versions are planned, AZ-1, AZ-1-P and AZ-1-PT The total weight of these devices
ranges from 21,550 kg. at 23,000. kg. The AZ-1PT with a total power of 6,500 hp, must
have a cruising speed of 650 km / h.


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