AGM-500/2000 and PGM-1/2/3


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4 June 2006
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How do these munitions compare to the US Paveway series and equivalent PG munitions?
PMN1 said:
How do these munitions compare to the US Paveway series and equivalent PG munitions?

It would be fair to say that the PGM/Hakim family is more analagous to GBU-15/AGM-130 than to Paveway, with unpowered, solid rocket and turbojet powered variants. It seems odd that this GEC-Marconi project was conceived without any sort of official UK backing, though. When the turbojet powered Pegausus variant lost to Storm Shadom, it would appear that this program had lost its last chance for a sale outside of the UAE.

Does anyone know is British Secret Projects 4 gives any more details or background information on this program?
BSP4 has nice drawings of "PGM500" and "PGM2000". Not sure if thats a typo?

Also mentions projected Pegasus and Centaur derivatives, without illustration.
PGMs have a history that could politely be described as interesting.

Although they are MBDA weapons, design authority has always resided in the US. They originated with ISC (International Signal and Control) which was working with the Culinary Institute of America to deliver precision guided weapons to America's loyal ally, Iraq. The cover was that the contract was with the UAE.

The contract looked so good that Ferranti paid GBP700 million for ISC in 1987. The MoD smelt a rat - there were a lot of bombs in the contract for the UAE - but the business kept going until relations between the US and Iraq became less cordial. The contract and ISC then became unprofitable and the debt took Ferranti down. It was acquired by GEC Marconi, which became part of BAE Dynamics and then part of MBDA.

ISC founder James Guerin ended up on multiple charges. He tried the "the Culinary Institute made me do it" defense. The Culinary Institute said "James who?" and Mr Guerin became a guest of the Federal government for an extended vacation.

Ghastly mess detailed here:

Current status:
Oh, here in Russia participation in deals or even business meetings like this usually ends with unexpected car crashes.
The other interesting element to this was that ISC's basis in the air-launched weapons business was the acquisition of Marquardt, which was producing Rockeye cluster bombs in addition to its rocket thruster and ramjet business.

So for a while, the CIA controlled the company that had done most of the US work in large ramjets. Almost enough to make a person suspicious...
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