Aeroprakt A-22 war drone: Ukraine


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5 April 2006
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According to various Ukrainian sources it appears to be an Aeroprakt A-22, which looks right based on the silhouette.

Makes sense, it is a relatively cheap Ukrainian-made light aircraft.
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Since when has it been the "Foxbat"? I've always known the A-22 to be the Sharik.

It seems it is marketed under a number of different names, depending on the country.
Should be named 'The Spirit of Matthias Rust' . . .

Are you sure the Ukrainians have not successfully produced clones of Matthias Rust to fly the A-22 in the biolabs certain people are talking about? On a more serious note, I wonder when we are going to see Ukrainian drone strikes in the Urals (UralVagonZavod in Nižnyj Tagil) and beyond? It certainly would not be beyond the abilities of the Ukrainian aerospace industry to develop a drone capable of flying such a distance with a useful load. I also wonder what the range of an A-22 modified into a bomb done is.
A cropduster filled with cheap liquid Fentanyl might be considered a WMD...
A cropduster filled with cheap liquid Fentanyl might be considered a WMD...
And a war crime. It would also be suicidal for the underdog to do such a thing; blowing up a factory is one thing, but intentionally drugging/sickening/killing a bunch of civilians will only cause the enemy to rally.
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People get desperate--they forget their best interests.

Maybe itching powder then...
I wonder what sort of engine they`re using,the standard rotax or something homegrown and craft built like the aussie jabiru.
Thats likely the most expensive part of this weapon,but its not cheap compared to something like a mado 4cyl,unless of course they`re buying the chinese rotax knock-offs. ;)

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