AA-Cruiser Frankfurt


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9 December 2008
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AA-Cruiser developed from Leipzig-Class CL


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What is your source for this, please?
It is an "own Design" isn't it, not a historic ship?
Yes, it's an own design, based on the pic of CL Leipzig from german-navy.de.

It was a fact, that the light cruisers of the KM were not able to satisfy in the planned role as raiders.
They were too light, too small, their range was just enough for northsea/eastsee action.

But they were fast and agile ships, just right for the job of air-protection for larger ships.

So I believe, an extended use of large Kriegsmarine-ships would have led to the need for more AA-firepower.
What you speculate, Ashley, may well be right, but my understanding (from the Forum posting rules) is that this Forum goes to some trouble to keep genuine historic archive material separate from individual's interpretations.
I am a moderator on another (warships) board where the solution we have adopted depends more on clear labelling than on rigid separation, but the problem is the same: someone will copy your (unlabelled) Frankfurt, post it elsewhere, and another "ghost" is set free to look real.
But the Kriegsmarine was certainly interested in AA ships. You may like to look at

PS Yours is a nice drawing, though, and a realistic concept.

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