A Bitcoin city? That's the plan in El Salvador


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Jun 6, 2006
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Bit-coin... "bite" is french slang for "dick" while "coin" is the sound make by a duck (kwack !) un canard is also slang for... all this

  • New false.
    • It would be incomplete not to point out here that Gaspard Hauser never existed, any more than Clara Wendel and the brigand Schubry. Paris, France and Europe believed in these ducks . Napoleon retired to a man who, for five years, published in the Moniteur false bulletins of the war of the Affgans against the English. - ( Honoré de Balzac , “ Monographie de la Presse parisienne ”, in La grande ville, a new comic, critical and philosophical painting of Paris , Paris: chez Maresq, 1844, page 146)
    • The four lines above would indeed seem to justify this remark quite well. Duck , in the sense of lying, would it therefore be an import from Champagne? What prevents me from believing it is that, long before Boursault, two authors who were not from Champagne, François d'Amboise, in his Néapolitaines (1584), and Adrien de Montluc, in his comedy of Proverbs ( 1616), already used the expression of yawning a half duck , half duck donor , to deceive, deceive . I admit that this half-duck seems even less clear to me than the whole duck . Because there is no lack of reasons to explain that duckhas taken on the meaning of a lie. - (OD, " Canard ", in The Intermediary of Researchers and Curious , No. 131, June 25, 1870, page 358)
  • ( Familiar ) Journal of news of little value.
    • - Try now, if you write articles on here, not to forget to point out in your duck that a ball today is no longer shabby as it used to be. - ( Francis Carco , Hidden Images , Éditions Albin Michel , Paris, 1928)
    • Victory affirmed, Fagerolle […] thought he could, without effort, reoccupy his rank. He found, painfully, a place of sub-reporter, in an impecunious duck of the morning. - ( Victor Méric , Les Compagnons de l'Escopette , Éditions de l'Épi, Paris, 1930)
  • ( Slang ) Man led to the wand which yields to all the whims of a woman and who avoids any confrontation.
    • This guy is a real mop, I have rarely met such a duck ! In any case, we know who wears the underpants within the couple; it is obviously her.
  • ( Slang ) ( By extension ) Man pulling out all the stops , offering a lot of freebies in the hopes of starting a relationship with a woman.
    • One of the advantages of a chick in a club is that she just has to find a missing duck and sell her dreams to get the free drinks.
    • Sébastien, you have to keep an eye on him, because he hastens to duck for any beautiful eyes.

coin also mean "corner" so bitcoin sounds like "bite en coin" - "my dick in a corner"

Overall: a dick with a hoax, traps you in a corner... pretty appropriate description of bitcoin...

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