2 engine Boeing 474 in VW Ad

Michel Van

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13 August 2007
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so this Boeing 474 but only 2 engine an something that look like drop tank.
in place of other engine.

Wat is the Idea behind this ?

Unused Boeing Mock-up

modified by VW to no pay Boeing for Copyright ?
It was used in "Casino Royale." The outboard engine was replaced with the drop tank, and the inboard engine pylon has *two* engines side-by-side like a B-52 engine pod, but with modern turbofans. The cockpit section was digitally replaced, but the stupid engine/fuel pod setup was needed for closeups.
that plane was used in TV show TOP GEAR
pulled by tractor used by Jeremy Clarkson.

dint know that plane was a prop from a Movie

Thank for Info, Scott

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