10.75 inch Rocket Launcher T59


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11 January 2008
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Mine Clearing rocket launcher T59 used to project T91 rocket. According to R.P. Hunnicutt, this project was terminated in August of 1945.

This would be a precursor to the Rafael FAE system currently in use with the Israeli Puma vehicles


Box on the back of the vehicle

Cable bomb

This seems to have been another somewhat similar prototype weapon that was meant to take out bunkers and fortifications. These rocket propelled cable bombs were towed in an armored trailer and each of these bomb was attached to the tank by 50 foot cable. When fired the bomb travelled in an arc over the tank and shaped charge warhead exploded trough the bunker's roof. Incendiary warheads were to be carried also. This concept was tested by Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in 1944 with 250 pound bomb and T22 rocket and the system proved to be practical. The concept was later dropped with the increasing priority on mine clearing systems.

Speaking of FAE:

I remember that there were some interest toward Fuel-Air Explosives and similar stuff during the WWII.

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