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12 January 2008
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Hello to All,

Here are a few pix of my 1/96 scale card model rendition of the 1980's Jarvis Booster. Design created in MSWord and Metasequoia.

The actual Jarvis was designed to utilize left-over Saturn components, and was named for Greg Jarvis after the Challenger accident of 1986.

I have yet to build and attach the two batted F-1 engines for the 1st stage. The 3rd stage with the lifting body attached fits inside the payload shroud. The lifting body payload is loosely based on an illustration found here in a post about Jarvis in the Space section .


  • JarvisBooster Full Stack - Web.JPG
    JarvisBooster Full Stack - Web.JPG
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  • JarvisBooster Sections - Web.JPG
    JarvisBooster Sections - Web.JPG
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  • 1Web-Jarvis Third Stage.JPG
    1Web-Jarvis Third Stage.JPG
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Thank you Michel. It's an interesting project.

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