“Pegasus – The Heart Of The Harrier” by Andrew Dow


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11 March 2006
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Not another book about the Harrier, but about its engine. Beginning with the very first
ideas about vectored thrust by Michel Wibault, the book deals with the development
of this idea, from the first patents over to the first workable engine, until the Pegasus
reached the second million operating hours in 2009. Athough without doubt the engine
is the main theme, the airframes which used it, or at least were designed to do so, are
mentioned, too, for example the various studies by Michel Wibault (including a VTOL
airliner for 60 passengers !), Breguet, Dassault or Boeing designs. And as Andrew Dow,
who joined Bristol Siddeley in 1962 was commercial manager for the Pegasus from 1975
until 1991, most data, information and anecdotes are from a true “primary source”!
The book is published by Pen & Sword Books Ltd., ISBN 978 1 84884 042 3


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Oh! I will buy it.
Harrier can do various flight by this engine which F-35B can't do.
1.VIFF.(Vectoring in Forward Flight(rapid 90 degree turn))
2.Vertical climb from stopping mid air.
"Viffing" is mentioned quite comprehensive .. ;)
Hi! I get my copy today from Amazon. It has 543 pages, very big and rather cheap book.
This book include BS100 engine's information, Boeing Model 837 swing wing supersonic VTOL fighter study 3 side view drawings from Scott's collection.

Chapter 17 'Pegasus at War' says,
So much depended upon the Sea Harrier and the Pegasus.The other combat aircraft held on RAF inventory, the Tornado,Jaguar,Buccaneer,and F-4 were irrelevant, because they could neither reach nor operate in the area.

Pegasus is 'The Elegant Solution'.
Got my copy today. Skimmed through it. Its a great book, well written, authoritative, and some nice drawings provided by Jemiba :) Highly recommended.

It goes in exhaustive detail through the design, development and service of the Pegasus with many illustrations of associated aircraft projects. Nice section on the BS100. Its clearly well researched, with a plethora of primary sources and some revisions to the story we may think we know from previous accounts.


The Requirement
The Ingenious Michel Wibault
Down at Engines
The Elegant Solution
Viable V/STOL
Bristol Siddeley Means Business
Three Nations go VTO
Pegasus at Oberpfaffen (Do-31)
Patents Matter
Troubled Times
Into Service
In Control
"I done flown it"
A Second Lease of Life
Flight Test
Pegasus at War
Achievement and Perspectives
Got this book a while back but only recently finished it due to my habit of reading several non-fiction books at the same time. Thought I knew the Harrier story pretty well but this book has provided me with a whole new perspective.

I had always thought of the Harrier and Pegasus as one entity, but know I see the untapped potential of the Pegasus engine lost in an airframe that never got the chance to be developed to it's full capabilities. The fact they made it all work as well as it does with the funds available is an amazing achievement.

It's a crying shame the UK is the country that made fast jet V/STOL work, proved it's worth in the Falkland's war and then abandoned it completely with the usual feeble excuses.

Thanks for a great read Andrew!
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