“Die Illusion der Wunderwaffen” (The Illusion Of The Wonderweapons)


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11 March 2006
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by Ralf Schabel

Some points beforehand: So far this book is available only in german language and it isn’t easy
reading. It’s based on the authors dissertation and is written in a very scientifical style. And there
aren’t any photos or 3-views ! The book just deals in depth with the development of the german jet
aircraft and ground-to-air missiles, but contrary to most others, it comments more on the economical,
political an organisational aspects, than on the technical ones. And in this way it brings new facts to
light, that not only are interesting in relation to the Me 262, Me 163 & Co, but can be transferred to
later projects. As the title implies, the book doesn’t really support the opinion, that the “wonder-
weapons” had any chance to chance the outcome of the war. It proves several well-known prejudices
to be wrong, e.g. that of a stop of developments during the eraly years of the war, or the absolute
fixation of the german airpower doctrin to a tactical use in support of the army. It doesn’t deny the
existence of german flying saucers, death rays or nuclear weapons. Of course not, as the theme is
strictly limited in a certain way, but the extensive studies, always with all sources mentioned, of
course, don’t make many of the weird german projects appear more realistic !

Publisher R.Oldenbourg Verlag München,ISBN 978-3-486-55965-1, 39,80€


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