1. hesham

    Fieseler Projects

    Hi, here is a Fieseler P.29,P.30 and Fi.333,also P.35; P.29 was a military transport Project,intended to compete Arado Ar.232,led to develop Fi.333 P.30 was an unconventional military transport Project,later became Fi.333 P.35 was initial design for Fi.103...
  2. W

    Heinkel P1078c

    Hello everyone, In the Dan Sharp magazine on 'Luftwaffe, secret jets of the third reich' there is a picture of the original drawing of the Heinkel 1078 entry for the report compiled in advance of the 1-TL Jager meeting of february 27-28, 1945. I bought a copy of the magazine. Really nice. Just...
  3. J

    Junkers EF-130 speculative drawings

    - Junkers / DFS EF-130 A four engine heavy bomber of ‘Uralbomber’ class designed in the autumn of 1944 to compete against the Arado E-555, the BMW ‘Strahlbomber Projekt II’, the Horten Projekt 18 (23/2/1945) and the Messerschmitt P.1108. It had a pressurised cockpit for a crew of three...
  4. Johnbr

    Daimler Benz Db- 608 and Db-607

    DB 608 Work on this engine were launched in 1938. DB-608 is a further development of the engine DB-601. When the working volume of 36.6 liters the engine developed takeoff power 1210 kW (1650 hp.) At 2800 rev / min. The estimated altitude is equal to 5200 meters. Dry weight was 745 pounds...
  5. hesham

    Nagler-Rolz NR-53-I & NR-53-II Helicopter Projects

    Hi, in the book; Rotorcraft of the third Reich,they spoke about NR-53-I and NR-53-II,as they were an enclosed cockpit with undercarriage helicopters, which they remained only a projects,dis anyone hear about them or had a drawings to them ?.
  6. Jemiba

    Helicopter Designs by Walter Rieseler

    In "Helicopters Of The Third Reich" by Steve Coates a German designer and constructor of helicopters is mentioned, who, contrary to Anton Flettner, Gerd Achgelis or Henrich Focke remained widely unknown : Walter Rieseler, born in 1890. He started to build his first helicopter in 1936 after...
  7. Jemiba

    Junkers EF designations

    The same as for the "EFo" series, again all pictures (in low res only) are from Wolfgang Wagners book "Hugo Junkers. Pionier der Luftfahrt - seine Flugzeuge" EF 50 maybe racer or record aircraft EF 53 4-engined long range passenger aircraft EF 55 used to measure the effects of...
  8. T

    Heinkel long distance jet bomber of 1945

    In 1945 Heinkel began development of a bomber which was propelled by four jet engines. This bomber has the layout of the later Victor bomber used by the RAF, a delta wing with a T shaped tail. This bomber was capable to reach long distance targets I believe even targets into the US. I'm...
  9. Triton

    Dornier Do 214

    Dornier Do 214 Source:
  10. kiradog

    Blohm und Voss P.173.02 - Long range bomber project

    I have a very poor microfilm blueprint scan of the Blohm und Voss P.173.02 long range bomber. From what I can make out it is a six engined bomber that shares the wings and tail of the BV 238 seaplane. Does anyone have any good drawings or information on this project? I'll try to make as clean...
  11. airman

    Focke Wulf (Tank) Ta 154/254

    Well, Focke Wulf Ta-254 was project developed by Ta-154 ( originally denominated Ta-211) This prototipe was projected with Junkers Jumo 213E with 1750 Hp instead of Jumo 211F of 1340 hp of Ta-154V1 speed 678 km/h @ 10.000 metres - services ceiling 11500 ( on close up publications there was...
  12. J

    Messerschmitt Bf/Me 109 - Blohm & Voss Bv 155 Projects & Prototypes

    B&Voss 155 B Initial upper wing radiator
  13. airman

    Amerika Bomber Ta-400 and others (Me-264 contenders), (with nice profile)
  14. GTX

    Junkers Ju 87 - Development, Variants , Related Projects

    Hi folks, I couldn't find an existing one so here is a thread for and unknown, secret or rare Junkers Ju-87 variants. To start with here is a photo (albeit poor quality) of a Jumo 213E powered Ju-87. It was a trial installation on a Ju87B. Regards, Greg
  15. zerstorer1946

    German Attack helicopter WW2

    Hi, you guys may want to throw eggs at me for this one!. I am aware of the many german helicopter projects that went on during the years of the third reich..but a friend of mine insists there was an "attack helicopter" designed near the closing stages of the war- not like a...
  16. W

    Arado Designations

    Hello chaps, this is what I know on Arado manufacturer designations. If you know more, please fill the many gaps. Thanks. E 233 - Ar 430 amphibian transport 1940 E 300 - Ar 231 u-boat scout seaplane 1938 E 310 - project for a twin engined carrier torpedo bomber 1939/40 E 370 - Ar 234 with...
  17. M

    Junkers Ju 290 and 390 Variants

    Hi everybody. I am looking for informations, drawings etc. of the Junkers Ju-290E. I think it was a night-bomber-project with a internal bomb-bay. Maybe someone can help ? Thanks and Many greetings
  18. W

    Weserflug Projects

    Hi lads, Weserflug was incorporated in the mid 30`s, assuming the assets of the former Rohrbach works, and also fielding Dr. Adolf Rohrbach as chief designer. Take a look at this excellent site, unfortunatelly not updated for quite a long time...
  19. kiradog

    Blohm und Voss BV 238 Drawings

    Is anyone interested in the planned production versions of the BV 238? Gary Webster
  20. M

    Heinkel He 177/277/274 Variants and Projects's me again asking about Mistel combinations..sorry for being a pain..:-) In the book " Mistel - German Composite Aircraft and Operations 1942-1945", by R. Forsyth, published by Classic Publications, on page 194 , there is a comment about a mistel combination that involved a Fw 190...