offworld colonies

  1. bearnard97

    The possibility of the colonization of Venus put forward by NASA

    This is a video about the possibility of the colonization of Venus put forward by NASA. Personally, I think the idea of colonizing Venus is a completely useless idea. Even more useless than colonizing Mars. Venus's environment is even more harsh than the environment on Mars which will we should...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Nuwa - Mars Sustainable City (Sustainable Offworld Network)
  3. bearnard97

    The most important space exploration issue

    What are the most important issues we have now in space exploration area? As we can see now space explorations are developing very rapidly and by doing this, it causes a lot of issues to solve. Humans have a lot of stuff to figure out to get closer to particular purpose and which one do you...
  4. S

    Space Board Game Liftoff! 2.0

    Hi I really love this web site it has so much fantastic info on the hidden or forgotten space projects. Sadly, I don’t visit this website enough due to my projects. In 1989 I had my old boardgame Liftoff! Race to the Moon published; a simulation for four players with alternate proposed ways of...
  5. panzerfeist1

    Interplanetary Travel Besides the Moon Projects

    Roscosmos sets task of drafting Venus exploration program "KHIMKI, January 31. /TASS/. Roscosmos has set a task of drafting a Venus exploration program similar in scale to Russia’s lunar program. The new program will incorporate the project Venera-D, the leading designer of the...
  6. F

    NASA Hercules Landing Vehicle

    From NASA Systems Analysis And Concepts Division So let’s see, we got: -an escape capsule -an escape module within the escape capsule -a ballute decelerator -parachutes -deployable crush absorber -and retro rockets And the abandoned...
  7. uk 75

    Space 1975 Could Von Braun's vision have worked

    Just been leafing through a copy of an old Brooke Bond card album about spaceflight which ends with various NASA projects planned before Nixon went for a leaner option I also have Stephen Baxter's novel VOYAGE about a US manned mission to Mars in the 80s. To get the Von Braun vision to work...
  8. Grey Havoc

    Lunar Gateway

    Previously known as the Deep Space Gateway (DSG) or Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G).
  9. Grey Havoc

    The general Cyberpunk thread

    Given the distinct trend that real world events have taken lately, I thought it was long since time for a dedicated cyberpunk thread. For both real world examples as well as the fictional (e.g. universes such as The Sprawl [Neuromancer], Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020, etc.). I'll start off things...
  10. RyanC

    The World Ends in approximately 24-28 months.

    The moon has suddenly exploded and the fragments of the moon are slowly hitting each other at a slowly intensifying geometric rate. Calculations by scientists around the world estimate that in 24-28 months from now a critical mass of fragmentation impacts will be reached, causing a quickly...
  11. A

    Philip Bono, By Gemini to Mars, and more...

    I've added a new article on Philip Bono's work on the Encyclopedia Astronautica at: You may notice I've reorganized and reformatted the site, and am now (after some time) begun adding new and updated content. So please visit regularly to see what is new -...
  12. bobbymike

    NASA vision of the spacecraft and base for a human mission to Callisto NASA examined revolutionary aerospace systems concepts for human space exploration of the solar system beyond Mars orbit and identified critical technology requirements for the realization of these systems concepts...
  13. sublight is back

    Interstellar. Wow, hollywood got it right.

    It was pretty spectacular. None of you have seen it yet?
  14. Jemiba

    Mars One

    A more drastic adventure, than the one by Dennis Tito, is planned by the Mars One foundation. Not just circumnavigating, but actually landing on Mars is planned, but with no return ! The adventurist are expected to build up a colony and stay...
  15. R

    Off-world mining: should we, can we do it?

    Last week two highly regarded teams of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, announced plans to do asteroidal and lunar mining: Google billionaires, James Cameron backing space resource venture. By Alan Boyle...
  16. Michel Van

    Manned "Cloudbase" in Venus Atmosphere

    Cloudbase is the fictional skyborne headquarters of international security organisation Spectrum, from Gerry Anderson's science fiction television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Years later the British Interplanetary Society proposed so a Cloudbase, but for Atmosphere of Venus ! In...
  17. Johnbr

    NASA Space Launch System (SLS)

    Got this today.
  18. Johnbr

    SpaceX Falcon Heavy

    SpaceX Announces Launch Date for the World's Most Powerful Rocket Falcon Heavy will lift more than twice as much as any other launch vehicle WASHINGTON – Today, Elon Musk, CEO and chief rocket designer of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) unveiled the dramatic final specifications and...
  19. OM

    Manned or Umanned Space exploration?

    ...Ah yes, the classic excuse to take the man out of the space exploration and utilization equation. And still a total festering load of crap over a half a century later.
  20. G

    ARGOSY outer solar system exploration architecture

    From a researcher at Johns Hopkins U Applied Physics Lab: Fun facts: -- 100 year plan for solar system exploration, starting with manned mission to Callisto in 2050 and culminating in a manned mission to Pluto in 2110. -- multiple in-space...