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  1. Grey Havoc

    Skjold-class fast missile corvette

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  2. Grey Havoc

    Nortraship: The Norwegian Fleet and WWII (The History Guy)

  3. N

    Norwegian Battleships

    In 1905 there were rumors of the Norwegian aquiring two battleships from the Argentineans, via Peter Christophersen. They would have supposedly been named the Asbjornsen and the Moe. The questions I have are would they have just been the Independencia and Libertad, and if so what modifications...
  4. D

    Latest Marjata variant

    Latest variant of the Norwegian Elint vessel Marjata.
  5. K

    Fixed torpedo tubes for shore defence

    Could anyone provide me data and informations about fixed torpedo tubes for shore defence?I known that they saw action during WWII.In one case the German heavy cruiser "Blucher" sunk by two 533 mm torpedoes fired from an Norwegian shore torpedo launcher during German invasion in Norway.Do they...
  6. boxkite

    Norwegian bizjet

    In „Air Pictorial“ December 1972 p481 was a picture of an Norwegian bizjet. The fuselage in the background, photographed by D. Partington at Oslo-Fornebu, 9th August 1972, is uncompleted. I asked Birger Larsen, the curator of the Norwegian Flymuseum, for the fate of the aircraft and he answered...