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indian navy

  1. covert_shores

    Indian Navy fighter project, TEDBF (Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter)

    Hal and DRDO (/ADO) are developing a "5th generation" fighter. Takes off where the Naval Tejas failed. See https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2021/03/indias-new-aircraft-carrier-vikrant-may-get-5th-generation-fighter/ Unofficial artist's impression but based directly on DRDO materials...
  2. Wyvern

    F/A-18E/F Super Hornet STOBAR testing

    Hello all, Not sure if a thread already exists about this, nor whether this fits with the other threads existing about F/A-18E/F upgrades, if it does, I do ask the moderators to merge this with another thread if necessary. It seems that Boeing has gone forward with STOBAR testing of the...