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  1. Tzoli

    IJN Tosa-Kaga Class Design History

    For some time I've already made these drawings just not yet posted here. You can now see how the Tosa / Kaga class battleships evolved from an Improved Nagato to as laid down as a 5 turreted similar speed slightly larger battleship. Let us begin: Fast Nagato series: A-115...
  2. Tzoli

    The Great Kanto Earthquake and the hull of IJN Amagi

    It is well known fact that the hull of then under construction battlecruiser IJN Amagi lead ship of her class and which was chosen together with her sister IJN Akagi to become aircraft carriers got seriously damaged during the Great Kanto Earthquake happened in 1923 September 1st. Due to the...
  3. S

    Achevied IJN shinano

    Since the Shinano was sunk unachevied,I think it can count as a project. Regarding the deck paint,it was either a pattern like the one on the unryu class aircraft carrier or a grey deck,depend on the rule the carrier was used. Not all AA was installed on board too. Here are some interpretation ...
  4. Grey Havoc

    IJN 61 cm (24") F3 (Experimental) Torpedo Came across this again today while trying to find information on possible use by the JSDF of Mark 32 torpedo tubes (built under licence by Watanabe Iron Works) as shore based torpedo launchers. It's...
  5. Tzoli

    Amagi and Akagi Carrier Preliminaries

    Not long ago I've finished drawing the various Amagi/Akagi carrier designs I've found in the Hiraga archive. So I post them here now: Amagi Aircraft Carrier Preliminary Design 1 This is something...
  6. C

    IJN post Taiho fleet carrier plans

    Taiho was ordered as part of Maru 4 fleet expansion program. She was a compromised design, mating an armored flight deck to a Shokaku size hull, resulting in lower freeboard an reduced hangar capacity. The first, prewar, draft of the subsequent Maru 5 plan included 3 more armored carriers of a...
  7. Grey Havoc

    IJN Taihō-class 1st Line Armoured Carriers A nice look at the background of the Taihō-class program in general, along with an detailed overview of IJN Taihō herself. The fact that she doubled as a support carrier, for example, is often overlooked.
  8. C

    Japanese 'dream project' battleships and never built battleships

    Hello people! I'm looking for information about the following projects, some pure paper projects, other more serious proposals never come to fruition: -Kaneda battleship: an alleged 1914 study by Commander Kaneda about an half million ton battleship armed with 100 41cm guns in 50 double turrets...
  9. T

    never realized projects of Japanese destroyers ww2

    Hi dear people I know that the Japanese navy was testing the IJN Shimakaze destroyer it stayed by one example, so she was one of a kind. Does somebody know there were more paper project destroyers or a further developed version of the IJN Shimakaze?
  10. T

    never build japanese aircraft carriers

    Hi people I'm searching for data/drawings of never build Japanese carriers such as the G19 project Hopefully some one can help me on this subject
  11. Tzoli

    Tone-Kai Type Heavy Cruiser Design

    According to the Japanese Wiki: There was a warship design which was proposed in 1939 for the Maru 4, Naval Armaments Supplement Program. This cruiser was to be based on Tone with same armament...
  12. Tzoli

    Interesting Japanese Cruiser-Carrier Hybrid

    I've recently found this pretty interesting Japanese Project at the Hiraga Archive. It looks like a hybrid cruiser-carrier warship from 1920's era. There seems to be a few variants mostly by how large the hanger should be and where to locate the conning tower and AA guns. Apart from the unique...
  13. Tzoli

    10.000ton Myoko type Cruiser

    I've found calculations for a 10.000ton cruiser in the Hiraga archives. What is unique about this vessel that it would carry 4 triple 20cm heavily armoured gun turrets, though calculations shows quad turrets were considered as well, but it is unknown if it would carry the same number of such...
  14. Tzoli

    IJN Settsu Modernisation Proposals

    I've posted this on another forum but it is better to post many forums to see if anybody know anything about this, I've got hold an extract from a naval forum about possible modernisation plans for the Kawachi class Battleship IJN Settsu which was stripped from her armament after the Washington...
  15. Triton

    IJN "Number 13" Class Fast Battleship

    Drawing of the Imperial Japanese Navy "Number 13"-class fast battleship. Although never officially named, the class is sometimes referred to as the Mikasa-class fast battleship. They are often classed as battlecruisers, but they were a larger, better protected and more powerful version of the...
  16. T

    experimental ww2 Japanese aircraft radars

    Hi people I'm searching for data and pics of WW2 experimental Japanese aircraft radar,I read in a book about WW2 Japanese aircraft ,that the experimental night fighter Aichi SA1 Denkoh was equipped with an parabolic radar. I hope someone can provide me with info/pics of these experimental radar...
  17. T

    unbuild ww2 japanese ship projects

    hello people has someone info/pics about not build WW2 Japanese cruiser,battleship,destroyer or aircraft carrier projects? best regards T-50