imperial german army

  1. Grey Havoc

    WWI era French M15 Adrian helmet superior in some respects to modern U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet
  2. hesham

    German WW1 Fighters and Recce Aircraft Prototypes and Projects

    Hi, I will repeat the info about Halberstadt,the B Type was two seat unarmed recce biplane of 1914,powered by one Oberursel U D engine,not to be confuse with B.I,B.II & B.III.
  3. A

    Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen

    hi all FF 1 Two-seat single-float biplane (11.1912) FF 2 Single-seat two-float monoplane (1913) FF 4 Two-seat two-float monoplane (02.1914) FF 8 Single-seat two-float sport monoplane (06.1913) FF 9 Two-seat single-float racing biplane (06.1913) FF 11 Two-seat reconnaissance biplane...
  4. T

    Experimental ww1 fighters from Albatros and Siemens

    Hello people IM looking for info about experimental and never build projects from the German Albatross and Siemens company Ill hope some one could provide me with some info /pics thanks in advance T-50