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gio. ansaldo & c.

  1. T

    Fi-103 (V-1) missiles on Aircraft Carrier Impero

    Hi to all, I am still here to write about news written in the book "Aircraft Carrier Impero" (authors Davide F. Jabes and Stefano Sappino). We talked about it here: https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,30931.0.html and here about the DAAC antiaircraft missile...
  2. red admiral

    Ansaldo Ship Designs

    Many, many years ago a discussion forum for never-were ship designs was created called Warship Projects which is currently in version 3 here. I thought I'd post some of the more interesting projects here. This topic covers various designs by Ansaldo in Italy for Russia, Greece and Spain and the...