french navy

  1. A

    PA.28, first Clemenceau carrier.

    You all know that the name "clemenceau" apply to an old french carrier, now dismantled in France (after some, eeerhm, humiliating atempts to scrap it overseas). building of this ship started in 1954, the hull was laid down in 1957, and the ship entered service in 1961. It was withdrawn in...
  2. Jemiba

    french hydrofoil missile boat

    Just found today in Icaré 1971 issue,french project for a hydrofoil missile boat. As it's desigantion is SA-850, I think it had been a project of the naval branch (?) od Sud-Aviation ? Nevertheless, maybe it's interesting for you ... displacement : 75 t, speed 48 knots, armament 4 x Exocet and...