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de havilland

  1. steelpillow

    De Havilland DH.127 and DH.128

    According to Derek Wood; Project Cancelled, pp.190, 192-195, the DH.127 was a two-seat V/STOL strike/reconnaissance aircraft with high-mounted delta wing, twin reheated Speys and two lift engines in front of the cockpit. Joint RAF/RN requirement OR.346 led to Ministry Specification ER.206 for an...
  2. N

    Turret Fighter Mosquito

    Hi everyone, as I have mentioned in the Mosquito unbuilt variants thread, de Havilland did in fact build two Mosquitoes fitted with gun turrets, so the subject doesn't fit within that thread, therefore I have decided to create this thread for relevant information. Very few books and official...