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Author Topic: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects  (Read 11596 times)

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Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« on: December 15, 2016, 10:18:55 pm »
Since late 80s Turkey is very active on various missile/ rocket projects. I will try to create a list various old and new projects

First Artillery Rockets/MLRS:


-SAGE-71 A/B short range MLRS
-G-67 0/1/2 short range MLRS
-122 mm BORA MLRS
-230 mm TOROS-230A MLRS
-260 mm TOROS-260A MLRS
-227 mm SAGE-227 A/B/C/D/E  and SAGE-227F PARS guided missile

-107 mm MLRS on composite launchers with 11 km range rockets
-122 mm Sakarya MLRS with 40km range rockets
-TRG-122 guided missile
-300 mm Kasirga MLRS
-TRG-300 Guided Missile (also called K+)
-TRG-230 230mm guided artillery rocket first seen in IDEF-2017


ÇNRA-70 70mm MLRS
122 mm 20km range rockets
107mm 8km range rocket

Rumoured systems:

128mm MLRS Project from Roketsan in 1990s
TOROS-290 long range artillery rocket
Guided TOROS-230 and 260

Improvised MLRS

MLRS launcher based on existing Super Bazooka launcher used in 90s anti-PKK operations
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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2016, 02:40:21 pm »
Various anti tank missile project has been worked:

1. ORDOT Project in 1960 Turkey's first guided missile project. Projected as MCLOS Antitank missile ORDOT was similar to SS-11/Cobra

2. XHAR-90 was 90 mm non reuseable antitank rocket. Developed by  TUBITAK SAGE It was similar to 66mm LAW which are still being built by MKEK

3. UMTAS/MIZRAK-U developed by Roketsan for T129B ATAK Helicopters. It has IR Seeker with radiolink update. Recently entered production. It has 8 km range

4. UMTAS-L/MIZRAK-UL Laser guided derivative of UMTAS

5. OMTAS/MIZRAK-O 4km range IR Seeker + Radiolink missile to replace TOW and Milan missiles. As 2016 development completed, serial production will be in 2017

6. Cirit. 8km range laser guided 70mm low cost missile developed by Roketsan. It is follow on development of TUBITAK SAGE's Cingoz Missile

7. KMTAS/MIZRAK-K/Karaok short range man portable anti tank missile similar to Javaline. Under development by Roketsan

8. Esek Arisi: 66mm LAW derivative used against personel and light vehicle with very effective HE-FRAG warhead. Produced by MKEK, developed by SAGE

9. TEMREN: Mysterious missile used in SeaHawk helicopters in Navy. No information is available, could be long range UMTAS derivative.

10- ROKETSAN MAM-L. Free fall laser guided bomb for UAV, basically enginless UMTAS

11. ROKETSAN MAM-C. Free fall laser guided bomb for UAVs. Basically engineless Cirit.

12. TUBITAK SAGE Bozok. A laser guided mini bomb for UAV.

Uncorfirmed/Rumoured Projects

1. ROKETSAN/SAAB common development for new short range portable anti tank missile

2. UMTAS-ER/MIZRAK-ER/MIZRAK-D 12-16km derivatives of UMTAS missiles.

3. Gun launced missile. For Altay tank both laser guided and F&F type.

4. A unknown rocket system proposed to USMC in early 2000 from Roketsan. Could be related to MPIM/SRAW project

Additional Note: MKEK also produced Over 2500 Eryx missiles and around 500 launcher under license.
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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2016, 08:43:55 am »
Various Air Launched Bombs/Missiles

1. Paveway-2T. Since mid 1990s Turkish ASELSAN produced Paveway-II bomb kit.

2. LGK: new generation laser guidance kit for Mk series bomb, instead of bang-bang guidance like the one in Paveway-II; it has propotional guidance system. Last year Turkish Airforce ordered 1400 LGK Kit. Both Mk84 and Mk82 kits as well as NEB 2000lb Bunker Buster Kits in production

3. HGK Series. Developed since mid 2000 from TUBITAK SAGE; HGK is now in full use in Turkish Air Force. Basic HGK use INS/GPS guidance and various terminal seekers developed

HGK-1: Inital model 2000lb, Mk84 or NEB Bunker Buster
HGK-2: Late model 2000lb, Mk84 or Bunker Buster
HGK-3: 500lb Mk82 or NEB-82 Bunker Buster
HGK-4: 1000lb Mk-83 or NEB-83 Bunker Buster

There is recently qualifed laser terminal guidance for HGK Series; HGK with semi active laser seekers called "L-HGK" so we have also



4. KGK Series. It is wing kit and guidance kit is identical to HGK series guided bomb.

KGK-82 and L-KGK-82 for Mk82 500lb
KGK-83 and L-KGK-83 for Mk83 1000lb
KGK for Mk20 Rockeye bombs

The wing kits gives up to 110km range, basically a very good stand off range beyond most airdefence system's range

5. DEMET-A: Unguided Cluster Muntion family devloped in 2000s; no more in production.

6. SOM Family; light cruise missile family which is under production for Turkey and allied countries. Developed by TUBITAK SAGE and produced by ROKETSAN. It has range around 300km.

SOM-A: Basic SOM; with HE Warhead INS/GPS guidance with TERCOM
SOM-B1: SOM Missile with HE Warhead; INS/GPS Seeker, TERCOM and IR based Navigation with ATA capabilty
SOM-B2: Similar to SOM-B1 with penetrator warhead
SOM-C: Planned SOM-B with various datalink/networking capabilty.
SOM-J: Antiship variant specially developed for F-35s with Block4 Software. Developed by ROKETSAN and SAGE. It is main competetor against Kongsberg JSM Missiles.
SOM-ER: Extended Range variant of SOM Missile

7. Göktuğ Air-Air Missile Family:

Devloped by ROKETSAN and SAGE. The missile family consist of both IR and Radar guided variant. To be operational following years. Details unknown.

8-) ROKETSAN Teber. It is combined SAL and GPS-INS Guided bomb family. Inital models for Mk81 and Mk82 light bombs. F-16 integration has completed

9-) ASELSAN Milli Mini Mühimmat. Turkish equivalant of American SDB
Rumoured/Uncomfirmed Projects

1. A TV guided Missile similar to Popeye developed by Roketsan
2. An Anti-Radar missile
3. IR Terminal Seeker for HGK and KGK Family
4. A Ramjet Missile
5. Thermobaric warheads for various missile/bomb (TENDUREK Project)
6. Turkish-Pakistani Cluster Munition Project
7. SOM Naval and Land Launched Variant
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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2017, 11:13:40 am »
Some other projects:

1. J Missile or Yıldırım-I: 150km range SRBM similar to Chinese B611

2. J+ Missile Further development of Yıldırım-I

3. Altough unconfirmed Yıldırım-2 with 300km; Yıldırım-3 with 800km planned, even could be operational

4. Gezgin: Turkish cruise missile for Navy and for ground launchers. It has been underdevelopment for years, it is estimated that it has range around 1000km

5. Atmaca: Turkish antiship missile with TJ. Probably it has more than 200km range, with multiple seeker and datalink options. Test fires continue; inital production will be in 2018.

6. Kargı: Turkish Anti-Radar Drone. It has both passive radar seeker and FLIR. Probably it has light weight piston engine, similar to IAI HAROP

7. Akya: Turkish 533mm wire guided torpedo for submarines and surface vessels. Devlopment completed, serial production contract signed.

8.  TORK: Anti-Torpedo Torpedo being developed by ASELSAN

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2017, 07:57:47 am »
Yildirim-2 missile which is informal name; turn out to be Bora Missile; for export it is called Khan. It is offered to Poland and several MidEast nations.

It has 290km range; with INS and GPS. CEP claimed better than 50m.

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2017, 01:17:17 pm »
According to Savunma ve Havacilik Magazine Turkish Balistic Missile Programme targets in late 1990s as follows:

Project-J: 150km class Balistic Missile turn out to be Yildirim, 220km range J+ missile entered service.
Project-K: 100km class MLRS turn aout to be Kasirga, now 120km K+ Missile entered service
Project-L: 300km Class SRBM, initially co development with Ukraine considered; but it has been cancelled due to high cost (the Project evolved as GROM Missile). Instead of Project-L, Project-B launced ant it's turn out to be Bora Missile (360km range, where as Khan is export derivative 280km)
Project-M: 500km SRBM, with cooperation with Pakistan, a missile system based on Shaheen Missile. There is no information available on Project-M. Most likely cancelled.

On the other hand Turkish Balistic Missile Programe aims 800-1000km range very highly accurete (like Bora Missile, less than 50m CEP) ballistic miissile. This goal might be already accomplished.
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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2017, 07:17:40 am »
Some Underwater related projects

1. ROKETSAN "DSH Roketi ve Atıcı Sistemi" 196mm 6 barrel underwater rocket launcher

2. Akya Heavy Torpedo. 533mm Heavy Torpedo for submarines and surface vessels. Design has completed; LRIP will start. Details are still classified.

3. ASELSAN Light Weight Torpedo: 324mm Light Wieght Torpedo; in design phase initally will be introduce in IDEF 2017 defence show. It will replace Mk46s in TN

4. ASELSAN TORK Anti-Torpedo Torpedo: Mini Torpedo for hard kill torpedo defence

5. Super Cavitation and Hybrid Super Cavitation Torpedos; currently under devlopment.

6. Long Range "Swarming" Torpedos Underdevelopment

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #7 on: April 18, 2017, 08:18:33 am »
On a tangent:

It will be interesting to see how this will affect current and future programs.
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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #8 on: April 18, 2017, 09:02:11 am »
So some nonsense desicion is coming..

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #9 on: April 23, 2017, 02:10:31 pm »
Some air defence projects:

1. HISAR-A Short Range Air Defence Missile, around 15km range, IR Guided for Army
2. HISAR-O Medium Range Air Defence Missile, IR Guided, 25+ km Range for Army
3. HISAR-U Long Range Air Defence Missile, Radar Guided, Under Concept Design Phase
4. HISAR NOKTA, Air Force Derivative of HISAR to replace HAWK Missile
5. HISAR NAVAL, Navalised version of HISAR Missiles, probably RF  Guided
6. MANPADS, To be operational around 2017-2019 no infotmation available
7. SAPAN Air Defence Missile, A Navy Project, might be CIWS
8. Göktuğ Air to Air Missile, Turkish Medium Range Air to Air Missile, there are two version IR and Radar guided
9. Surface to Air Göktuğ, possible derivative of air-air missiles for Army and Naval use
10. ŞAHİN, A short range air-air missile probably similar to AIM-9X and ASRAAM

Previously Turkey locally produced Rapier Block-II missile and Stinger Block-I missile. Also developed various Stinger based VSHORAD Systems like ATILGAN-ZIPKIN-BORA..

ASELSAN also started to produce KORKUT SPAAG system, as well as NAVAL-CIWS derivative KORKUT-D
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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #10 on: May 02, 2017, 01:09:42 pm »

Here is the first illustration of Goktug Air to Air Missile Family.

One of them is Radar guided long range AMRAAM like the other one intermediate range IR guided missile

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2017, 11:46:20 am »
here mockups of said missiles

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #12 on: May 15, 2017, 01:49:20 am »
ASELSAN MB is a kind of Small Diameter Bomb

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #13 on: September 27, 2017, 01:10:18 pm »

ATMACA Anti ship missile. It has around 250km range, It has Active Radar, INS/GPS, Radar Altimeter and Datalink.

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Re: Turkish Missile/Rocket Projects
« Reply #14 on: June 07, 2018, 04:21:23 pm »
Some Update of existing and future air defence systems.

1. HİSAR-A: 15 km Range IR guided missile to be delivered in 2020 both full mobile and semi-mobil variant available
2. HİSAR-O 25km range IR guided missile to be delivered in 2021
3. HISAR-O+ : Something not clear. Could be radar guided variant
4. HISAR NOKTA: It is said 40km range missile to replace Hawk missile in Air Force
5. HISAR-U: Long Range Air Defence Missile System (development contract signed in 2018).
6. GUMT: ABM Project coordinated with Eurosam. It could be co-development ASTER-30 Block-II
7. HISAR-G: Air Defence System with Goktug Air-Air Missile somewhat similar to Israeli SPYDER
8. HISAR-G+: Possible long range variant of HISAR-G with booster somewhat similar to Israeli SPYDER-ER
9. HISAR- Us/Liman: Spesific variant of HISAR family tıo defend coastal installations of Turkish Navy.
10. HISAR Demir Kubbe: C-RAM Missile System
11. HISAR Portatif: MANPADS (in testing)
12. Kaideye Monteli Portatif: Mobile HISAR MANPADS variant similar to ASELSAN KMS System
13. Others.. KORKUT, Modernize 35mm Çekili Top, KORKUT-D.. Air Defence Systems based on 35mm guns with airburst smart ammunition.