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Aerospace / Re: Sukhoi/HAL PMI/FGFA
« Last post by JFC Fuller on Today at 02:08:54 am »
FGFA and the new RfI are separate requirements.

The Indians have been unhappy with FGFA for years.
Aerospace / Re: Sukhoi/HAL PMI/FGFA
« Last post by Hood on Today at 01:32:49 am »
Well fifth or 5.5 then.
I guess it will come down to which manufacturer is prepared to give full access to HAL for licence-production. Dassault were reportedly reluctant to divulge all the stealthy technologies.
LM and Boeing probably have the most desire to set up a foreign production line to dump the dwindling F-16 and F/A-18 production lines overseas and reduce manufacturing costs at the same time. Btu again, technology transfer might be an issue.
Aerospace / Re: X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV)
« Last post by Flyaway on Yesterday at 11:33:49 pm »
The secret X-37B/#OTV5 space plane passing over the Netherlands earlier this evening. It changed its orbit earlier in the week, and the amateur satellite tracking network has been hard at work determining its new, lower, orbit.
New blog post: "OTV 5 or Zuma? A brief explanation why this object is OTV 5 and not Zuma"

Imaging the X-37B Space Plane OTV 5 post-manoeuvre
Another in the irregular 'non-state' series, this time from something 'self-published on Amazon'.

Evan Graver, Dark Water, 2017


Brown Berets (Hispanic separatist group.)

La Carranza Garza (ex-SEACOR Mariner)
Oil Platform Supply Vessel
Length: 150ft (45.7m)
2 Diesel Engines (1,1157 Horsepower Each.)
Speed: 12 knots (Max), 10 knots (Cruise)
Armament: AK-47s for all crew & 8 Strela-3 Surface-to-Air Missiles
Cargo also includes a wide range of firearms.

Plot summary: An investigation into the theft of several yachts off the US coast and their subsequent use for smuggling arms into the country leads to the discovery of a dangerous conspiracy.

Note: This is another of those novels that seems to be intended for supporters of Donald Trump, the bad guys are Mexican drug cartels, people who want to take back the lands Mexico lost in the 1840s and ISIS working together on the principle that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

Space Projects / Re: NASA HL-20 lifting body
« Last post by XP67_Moonbat on Yesterday at 10:57:06 pm »
Uragan rears it's ugly head again.
Military / Re: Surface Ships Need More Offensive Punch, Outlook
« Last post by Moose on Yesterday at 10:35:03 pm »
Otherwise how hard would it really be for the US to design a new conventional hull sized for a large cruiser with heavy power requirements?
"Hard" can be defined many ways, we could absolutely do it, but at cost. Generally, it would take additional money and time versus a mild adaptation of an existing hull. How much many and how much time, well that's the question isn't it?
User Artwork / Re: Motocar's Cutaway drawings
« Last post by Jemiba on Yesterday at 10:02:12 pm »
Military / Re: Surface Ships Need More Offensive Punch, Outlook
« Last post by marauder2048 on Yesterday at 09:46:12 pm »
More color on the 57mm Alamo. They are looking to scale it to 76mm and 5-inch.

Aerospace / Re: Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor
« Last post by NeilChapman on Yesterday at 07:02:10 pm »


What Lockheed is talking about is an improved F-22 airframe (more durable stealth) with F-35 sensors.


Yes...I know. 

The premise was LM is not looking to provide a few fighters to Japan.  It's that LM wants Japan to pay for LM's work on PCA which, by definition, is an air superiority platform.
The Bar / Re: Southwest airlines #1380 30,000 ft. fan blade failure
« Last post by kitnut617 on Yesterday at 06:23:13 pm »
I hope it was quick.

It could hardly have been otherwise. Fortunately.

It wasn't, the passenger died after she was taken to a hospital after the plane made an emergency landing -----
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