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Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Focke-Wulf projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 04:40:37 am »
Amazing my dear Dan,

is there any whole drawing for it ?.
Unfortunately no idea...

Thank you my dear Tuizentfloot,

and what about Germania Type C (KDD) ?.
I will be giving another talk at the RAeS in April. 60+ years of supersonic STOVL (and 50 years of the Harrier in service).
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Lippisch post war projects
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 04:07:42 am »

(h/t hesham)
Naval Projects / Re: Australian Invincible
« Last post by Tzoli on Today at 04:00:45 am »
I have a question or rather two:
1. Does anybody have a high quality high resolution drawing of the Invincible class?

2. More importantly what is the accurate dimensions of the Invinvible class?
I've found two set of data regarding this in various books and sites:
A: 192,6m pp, 206m (206,3) oa length x 35m beam flight deck (27,5 wl)
B: 193m wl, 210m oa length x 36m beam flight deck (27,5 wl)

As I'm started to draw this modified Invincible accurate data on the original would be quite helpful!
Missile Projects / Re: Fliegerfaust for Mijaheddyn?
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 03:57:44 am »
Possible, but I doubt it somehow. In the immediate aftermath of the Soviet takeover, the various resistance groups were able to get plenty of weaponry, including heavy weapons from various arms depots and ammo dumps as the Afghan army mostly disintegrated through purges, resignations, desertions and munity. There was no real need for them to improvise weapons during this early period, especially in the time before the Red Army brought in it's gunships in force (vehicles were a somewhat different story). Even the famed gunsmiths on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border didn't really get into the production of heavier weaponry until the late 1980s. This doesn't of course rule out the other possibility of a few WWII era Fliegerfausts somehow managing to make it to Afghanistan via the black market (Soviet war booty stolen out of a warehouse for example). For the moment though my money is still on the Kolos as our mystery weapon.
But then going further down would look like maniacal sadism so I will end there.
This absurdity should be taught in Engineering schools ;)

Old Cold War disinfo or spy bait document that was accidently put into DTIC, perhaps? Could be even a genuine report altered for such a purpose, and the altered version was unwittingly sent in rather than the real deal.
Naval Projects / Re: Type 31 GPFF
« Last post by Grey Havoc on Today at 03:25:17 am »
For a rough comparison with the rendering you found, here's the product page for the baseline A-200:
Military / Re: Standard SM-3 News & Dev.
« Last post by fredymac on Today at 02:26:31 am »
Seems like clutter or decoys were near the warhead (1:55-2:20 mark).
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Various Focke-Wulf projects
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Today at 12:46:08 am »
Focke-Wulf Nachtjaeger m. 2 x Jumo 222 E/F, drawing number 0310 251-04, dated September 18, 1944.
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