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Military / Re: Nuclear Weapons NEWS ONLY
« Last post by bobbymike on Today at 09:42:20 pm »

Trump administration officials expressed doubts the 2010 New START arms treaty will be extended over concerns about Moscow's failure to comply with that and several other arms treaties.

The Pentagon, meanwhile, is moving ahead with designing a new ground-based missile to counter Russia's illegal cruise missiles built in violation of the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Force (INF) Treaty.

Andrea Thompson, undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, told a Senate hearing Tuesday that Russia's new strategic weapons announced in February, are a factor in whether the United States will seek to extend New START.

"No decision's been made at this time," she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "All options are on the table."

Among the options being considered are withdrawing from New START; re-negotiating inspection and verification provisions as part of treaty extension; or adopting a more limited and simple agreement similar to the 2002 Moscow Treaty that called for significant reductions in strategic offensive arms.
Now remove PAVE MOVER from your graphic and see how well it works.
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Bookshelf & Marketplace / Re: Good Article in Aero Journal 66
« Last post by ov-101 on Today at 08:43:57 pm »
Extended reading ;D
Hypersonics Before the Shuttle:  A Concise History of the X-15 Research Airplane by Dennis Jenkins

Link to a downloadable pdf:
Aerospace / Re: KFX Korean Indigenous Fighter programme
« Last post by litzj on Today at 07:47:16 pm »

I have visted DX 2018 Korea.

That event concentrated on Army equipment, however, I could see updated feature of KF-X model and Korean Apache helicopter

Separated control surface for flap and aileron, extended fuselage can be seen
Museums, Events & Shows / DX 2018 Event in Korea
« Last post by litzj on Today at 07:46:05 pm »

I have visted DX 2018 Korea.

That event concentrated on Army equipment, however, I could see updated feature of KF-X model and Korean Apache helicopter
from Quellish Oct 12 2015.

In 1985 DARPA started the Smart Weapons Program which focused on using loitering autonomous weapons to hit fleeting mobile targets. Some of this concept became TACIT RAINBOW. SWP Phase 2 was THIRSTY SABRE, which aimed to put sensors and smarts on a conventional ACM as a hunter-killer system dispensing "dumb" submunitions on mobile targets. Sensors and software were tested on a surrogate aircraft.

During DESERT STORM the "theater mobile missile threat" was a higher priority. This lead to THIRSTY WARRIOR, which was a continuation of THIRSTY SABRE focused on mobile TBM. After DESERT STORM interest in the concept dried up. Later WARBREAKER attacked the mobile TBM problem with a very different, fully integrated approach.
Darpa Warbreaker/Assaultbreaker encompassed Critical Mobile Target (CMT) targeting (everything from TBM TELs to tanks and all the IADS in between) Deep to BAI to CAS.
I thought CAS mission will be conducted by UCAV in near future

Manned vehicle now is too expensive and risky to be used for that missions.

MQ series with dumb-bomb, smart bombs, hellfire class missile is already matured technology
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