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Designation Systems / Re: Beriev aircraft
« Last post by hesham on Today at 03:20:46 pm »
Thank you for this Info.
Designation Systems / Re: Hawker designation list
« Last post by Schneiderman on Today at 02:03:19 pm »
Possibly also they just decided to start the HS series at a 'round number', i.e. HS.11170.
That sounds reasonable but my suggestion was actually a thought regarding your earlier reply to Hesham......."Agreed, though according to BSP2, Project numbers P.1161, 1162 and 1164 to 1169 were not used"
User Artwork / Re: 6th generation fighter concepts
« Last post by Deino on Today at 01:32:25 pm »
Hi Deino,i just used a design made by Rodrigo Avella as a base to make my drawings and in it´s original design Rodrigo uses chinese missiles and chinese markings and named is concept J-50,if you want to see Rodrigo original designs,just go to is deviantart page.

       best regards


No, it was no critics, it's impressive, amazing ... I like it very much!

All I wondered is why it still has the USAF-markings on it and not the PLAAF-symbol?

I remember the illustrations from the Eagle comic - they were truly amazing. I have to say I think the youngsters of today are missing out in part of their 'growing up' with such publications no longer being available, or if they are, looked on with distain by most youngsters who are products of the instant technology world.

I cannot for the life of me recall the original source material - (vague inkling that it was the 1963/4 edition of Janes Fighting Ships), I copied it long hand (pen and paper in those days) when I was a very frequent visitor to my local main city library in Portsmouth - they had and still do have an extensive collection of historic and more general Naval publications. Anyway - here is the 'data' I noted:

Project “Moby Dick”:
Proposed cargo-carrying submarine
50,000 tons displacement
28,000 tons deadweight
607 x 72 ft
Depth 72 ft
25kts (submerged)
Nuclear reactors (Boiling water type)
24 Officers and Men
Designed to operate at first at 300ft, could be used to transport oil or iron ore (or a mix?)
To be built by Fairfield’s for service in 1964.
User Artwork / Re: Seaplanes sketches
« Last post by cluttonfred on Today at 12:55:11 pm »
Really wonderful sketches including some uncommon types, thanks for sharing!  What is the Japanese one?  I don't recognize it.

PS--If you take requests, I love the Shavrov Sh-2!
Designation Systems / Re: Hawker designation list
« Last post by ursrius on Today at 12:42:05 pm »
after SP.60 & SP.62 nothing was known,except in BAe age,there was SP.105,SP.110 and
later SP.113.

Hesham, thanks - can you post any information on these, or, better still point to a source.

I know only APG.1003,APD.1017,APD.1019,APD.1022 & APD.1034.

I have nothing on APG.1003 or APD.1022 - care to share?

Chris Gibson, in 'Nimrods Genesis', refers to Hawker Siddeleys advanced projects organization as the Advanced Projects Group and details the APG.1011, otherwise known as the HS.1011 and similarly for 1010 as APG.1010/HS.1010 and APG.1023/HS.1023. Other than 'introducing' the APG designation, the HS designation is the one he uses mostly. Richard Payne, in 'Stuck on the Drawing Board', refers to the HS.1010 and HS.1011, while Derek Wood in 'Project Cancelled' refers to the Type 1011!
Finally, Chris Gibson and Tony Buttler, in 'British Secret Projects: Hypersonics, Ramjets and Missiles', refer to Hawker Siddeleys advanced projects organization as the Advanced Projects Department, and give details for APD.1017, APD.1019 and APD.1034.

My personal opinion is that the correct designation would be either APD or APG, with the HS designation being used in marketing/brochures. What do any drawings state?

Re: Hawker designations and 'unused' project numbers. We should remember that as we go through the 1950s and 1960s these companies were often working on a few non-aviation projects, and these may well explain the apparent gaps in the Hawker numbers. That is certainly the case with Folland and Short numbering, probably for others too.

Possibly also they just decided to start the HS series at a 'round number', i.e. HS.11170.
Propulsion / Re: Argus As 412 and 413 engines
« Last post by Johnbr on Today at 12:41:55 pm »
DVL H 32
rev/min 3500
Hp 3750
litres 66.5
User Artwork / Re: Seaplanes sketches
« Last post by Arjen on Today at 12:00:57 pm »
Like ☺
User Artwork / Seaplanes sketches
« Last post by WhyMe on Today at 09:50:34 am »
Here are a few quick sketches (based on existing photographs) I made for Inktober 2017:

Designation Systems / Re: Beriev aircraft
« Last post by WhyMe on Today at 09:07:33 am »
Interesting if there is a continuity in KOR system designation ? If so, we have fo find the KOR-5, KOR-6, KOR-7
and KOR-8 models.

We can make a speculation;

KOR-5   --------- MDR-10
KOR-6   --------- LL-143
KOR-7   --------- PLL-144
KOR-8   --------- KL-145

KOR stands for "korabelnyi" i.e "shipborne". This designation was supposed to be used for catapult launched ship based seaplanes. But the Soviet Navy dropped the idea of using such aircraft after the WW2 (in addition to switching to designer's initials based designations for aircraft rather than the intended role abbreviation), hence no continuity in KOR designation system.
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