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Designation Systems / Re: Armstrong Whitworth designations
« Last post by simmie on Today at 06:34:27 pm »
A.W.17 (1) (1931) — single-seat monoplane fighter project with two Rolls-Royce  pusher engines (not built)
A.W.17 Aries  (2) (1930) — two-seat army co-operation biplane; improved Atlas I with easier access for maintenance,
increased dimensions, one 460 hp  A.S. Panther IV - 20/25 (1 built)

Am I the only one to spot the apparnt contradiction in the above entries.  the designation AW.17's second use is the year before the first.
Possibly of interest ...

Kritiska År: Formativa moment för den svenska flygplansindustrin 1944–1951 by Kristoffer Strandqvist, 2008 (see pp 106-108)

(Para-phrased) Authorization came from Flygförvaltningens in November 1941 for SFA to develop an aero-engine producing 2,200 hp (with further development potential). Three configurations were examined - a liquid-cooled dubbel DB-motor; an air-cooled H-engine (dubbel boxermotor); and an air-cooled radial. At the end of February 1943, the radial layout was selected.

Later, it seems, a conclusion is drawn that Jx could be built with licensed DB605s without too much disruption of the Swedish aero-engine industry (ie: the DB605 would fill the gap until new jet engines appeared). Development work continued until 1945 for its own sake, rather than to result in a finished engine ...

The mention of an H-engine layout is interesting. Possible the same type connected with early incarnations of the J27?

Going back to the Jx and Bx ... on pg.96 there is mention of "projekteringsutkast för 1- och 2-motorigt fpl för MX" or single- or twin-engine aircraft projects for the Mx engine.

BTW, what was the Flygplan 24 project?
Designation Systems / Re: Koolhoven F.K. Designations
« Last post by Apophenia on Today at 02:31:00 pm »
Thanks Hesham. Hopefully Ontwerp numbers will emerge for those projects one day.
My guess - what if Meteore 63 has been named for "6" passenger and "3" engines?
Just for advertisment purposes?
spca 218
Always the same
from "le fana "
from "le fana de l aviation"
User Artwork / Re: McDonnell Douglas Model 225 Painting
« Last post by The Artist on Yesterday at 09:36:49 pm »
To answer Paul's question. The painting had been displayed in the Museum, but someone moved it and placed it in a place where it got water damaged. I've been redoing the painting with what I feel is a stronger background. I'll be posting the redone painting when I get it finished.

I have also done this painting showing the design from a different angle and in different markings. I present "Vandy One."

Acrylic on a canvas panel. This was done for, and will soon go into the collection of the Greater St Louis Air & Space Museum.

EDIT 06/22/2018: I've seen that Fightingirish found my posting on DeviantArt. I have sent him a PM thanking him for giving me the credit line, and I gave him permission to continue using it as his avatar image.
Designation Systems / Re: French Aircraft Specifications 1919-1939
« Last post by hesham on Yesterday at 09:27:31 am »
I am pride to belong to this great forum,

and all of you most be that,our works is taken by a biggest encyclopedia in the world,and
after 20 years,I spent it in collection French Aircraft Specifications from a tens of books
and a hundreds of magazines,they quoted it literally,many thanks to them;

Something new;

1919; GR longe range aircraft; SPAD S-28

1920; EP.2 two sear primary trainer aircraft;SPAD S-34

1920; CAP.2 (anther one) two-seat recce and observation high altitude aircraft; SPAS S-36 & S-40

1922; ET.2 two-seat trainer aircraft; SPAD S-62

1923; ET.1 single seat trainer aircraft,also SPAD S-72 were involved
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