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The image shows Gabriel Poulain.
Gabriel Poulain was a French champion cyclist. He made several attempts to achieve human-powered flight and in July 1921 won a prize of 10,000 francs awarded by Peugeot for a flight of ten metres at a height of one metre, on a bicycle with two wing planes in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.
The winged bicycle was not Mr Peugeot's design.

A little more on M Poulain's aerial exploits - from The Aeroplane of 22 June 1921.
Naval Projects / Re: NSSN Virginia-class - current status and future
« Last post by bobbymike on Today at 11:56:02 am »

The Navy’s next class fast attack submarine will be designed for a return to blue-water great power competition, where the ability to support forces ashore is less important than operating in the open ocean hunting rival submarines, according to an analysis of the Navy’s 30 Year shipbuilding plan conducted by Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

The Navy plans to start purchasing this new class of submarine in 2034. Previously the SSN(X) class were assumed to be a successor to the current Virginia-class submarine, complete with the Virginia Payload Module (VPM) – a vertical launch system that increases the number of Tomahawk-sized weapons from 12 to 40 – and other acoustic and technological design improvements, according to the CBO analysis released Thursday.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Projects in Switzerland
« Last post by Kuno on Today at 11:15:30 am »
...I am focusing on the SB-2 at present. The target is to have its full story published in a little book in the first half of 2019... still a far way to go...
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Blohm und Voss P.185
« Last post by Kuno on Today at 11:10:20 am »
Good arguments!
Turns out, one of the TB's intended engines has survived:
:o Lockheed should definitely stick to designing aircraft.  Even for the era, those are some of the worst FA uniforms I've ever seen...
So, no appreciation for Pucci, then?  I'd rather see this than the outfits I saw on a Virgin America flight from a few years ago.  At that time, I was wondering who these people in '80s workout clothes were helping people with their carry on bags.

I enjoyed seeing these again, particularly the close up shot on the Lockheed SST.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Fairchild M-185F
« Last post by famvburg on Today at 07:47:31 am »
IIRC, they were B-47 engines, pylons and nacelles.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Projects in Switzerland
« Last post by hesham on Today at 05:38:03 am »
Very nice Info dear Kuno,

and we are thirsty for more Projects.
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