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Amazon (U.S.) is still showing availability on 3 July...
My copy finally arrived this morning. I wouldn't say I liked it any more or less than the previous three - it's the usual blend of fact-based and speculative drawings, comparisons with similar projects from around the world and even a handful of original drawings. Justo's drawing style is unique, attractive and very redolent of those heady days in the late 1990s when the world seemed a less complicated place. I'm not sure about the writing - Focke-Wulf's TL-Jager Entwurf II didn't receive the designation Ta 183 until March 1945, and there was no A-0, they went straight to the A-1 even before the V1 (the Lieferplan shows the A-1 due for completion in mid-June 1945 and the 'V' series, V1-V10, to be completed by early December 1945), there were no plans for a two-seater or one with a radar in its 'nose' - I could go on. But the drawings are beautiful and that's why it's a great purchase. Looking forward to the next one!
Amazing my dear Justo.
Reconnaissence cameras
One more thing: in img.028 is a small "hatch" between the landing legs in the underfuselage. Could this be a bay for cameras or even small bombs?? Were there any plans to use the A-6 as a "bomber"?
Thanks a lot, Justo! Great informations. I also would, itīs your best book so far.
Thanks, but missing me from the book and with your professional drawing!  :)
By the way, this is a great book, it is my favorite of the series!

Here ;)
 "ornithopter" by Prof. von Holst  ;)
Missing for me P.II early version. Or is it a non-existent version?
Here ;)
...And the Eagle err the Focke Wulfs has landed!! B) At a first glance: itīs really great! Some examples: the stemmata of the Ta-183 on p. 57 is eye-opening. The two seat Trainer version Ta-183 S was completely new to me, just as the "ornithopter" by Prof. von Holst (great find indeed). I  just only read a few of the texts so far, but until now I would say, that you contextualize your findings in this book the most. The drawing on p. 188 "german ramjets" shows among others the EMW A6 with additional ramjet. Is anything known on this type of ramjet. How should it look, what fuel was planned for it and how much thrust should it produce? Btw. the backcover is very cool. I like that style of aircraft profiles. Maybe you want to include something like this in your future publications? I would pay for it!

So far. Greetings
Probably Methanol "M-Stoff" or Non-Refined petrol "Br-Stoff"
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