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Inspired and referencing Jules Verne's Nautilus. Some interesting design features, but frivolous use of space in keeping with mega-yacht theme. In my head there'ds a smaller 70 meter version, possibly with gas turbine instead of the diesel generators.
Avionics / MOVED: on the opposite sides
« Last post by Jemiba on Today at 01:24:07 am »
Martin Caidin, The Last Fathom, 1967

United States

Orca Class
Experimental Submarine
Nuclear powered (Engines can produce 350,000hp.), twin screws and hydrojets (which are used for low speed/low noise propulsion.)
Speed: 80 knots (Maximum speed mentioned in book, not specified if maximum speed capable.) 
Crew: 2
Teardrop shaped hull, with hydrofoils mounted aft of the centre of gravity.
Weight (Not specified if gross or displacement): 1600 tons
Length: 120ft (36.6m)
Crew compartment is a steel sphere, much of the hull is constructed of highly advanced forms of glass reinforced plastics of very high tensile strength.
The dialog implies some form of dolphin/whale derived boundary layer control system is being used to give high underwater speed.
Unlike conventional submarines, the Orca has been designed with negative buoyancy (eg It has to keep moving to avoid sinking.)
Sensors include Sonar and Lidar, the lidar sensors are mounted on tethered drones that can be separated from the submarine and sent to obtain close-up imagery in areas the submarine itself is too large to enter.
Armament: Mark IX Torpedoes (No details are specified, but presumably this is a supercavitating rocket powered torpedo.), other unspecified weapons.

Note: These experimental submarines are the product of company called Astro Hydrodynamics (AHD) under a US Navy contract. The design goal of the programme is to produce a craft that is to the conventional submarine what a powered aircraft is to a dirigible airship. Two identical prototypes have been completed, they are not named in the novel, but for the sake of this post I am naming them Orca One & Orca Two.

USS Charger (SSN-???)
Submarine (SSN), class not specified
Described as "...the latest in her line..."
Weight (Not specified if gross or displacement): "...nearly..." 3000 tons
Rated Maximum Operating depth: 3000ft (914.4m)
Speed (Not specified if submerged or surfaced.): 60 knots (+)
Crew: 56
Armament: "...every weapon known to naval science..."

USS Rapier (SSN-???)
Same unspecified class as USS Charger (SSN-???)
See above for details.

USS Cranshaw (CV-?? or CVN-??)
'Attack Carrier', class not specified
No other details.

Base Savage
Submarine pens and support facility for Project Orca
Built underground on the Island of Culebra (Real island near Puerto Rico.)

Other unnamed warships.


Unarmed drone torpedoes disguised as Sharks and Dolphins.
Four cameras are fitted, two electro-optical motion picture cameras where the eyes would be on the real animal and two still photo cameras in the dorsal fin.
Fitted with a self-destruct charge.
Powered by a 'miniaturized nuclear reactor' stated to have been developed for Project Apollo.
Normal propulsion is via a process that mimics the movements of the real animals.
High speed propulsion makes use of a single hydrojet, where the intake is the 'animals' mouth.
Range 100mi (160.9 km) from the mother ship.


Submarine, class not specified
Nuclear powered
Tonnage:  12,000 tons (If Gross weight or DWT not specified by the author.)
Described as "...several times bigger than the Poseidon Class..." (George Washington & later classes?) and also larger than USS Triton  (SSN-586), the largest nuclear submarine built by the US navy and the first ship to go around the world underwater.
Used to carry two Bathyscaphe's larger than Trieste II, the successor to the submersible that went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Various ships of unspecified type, some of which are armed.


High-Speed Torpedoes
Rocket propelled (Presumably supercavitating.)
Active sonar guidance
Proximity trigger
No other details provided.

30 Gt Nuclear device
Appearance is a sphere between 30 - 40ft (9.1 - 12.2m) in diameter
No other details
Note: 1 Gigatonne (Gt) is 1000 Megatonnes (Mt). The largest nuclear device ever exploded was the Soviet Tsar Bomba which had a yield of 50 Mt (0.05 Gt).

Plot summary: It is the 'Day after Tomorrow'. A series of mysterious disasters (earthquakes and tsunami) strike coastal regions, while prominent scientists declare these events to be the result of natural processes, evidence has been found linking these events to a world wide oceanographic survey being carried out by the Soviet Union, just what is Project Giant and what does it portend for the free world?

Note: Martin Caidin (b. 1927- d. 1997), was a writer of action fiction, some with a science fiction basis. He is most well known for 'Marooned' (1964), a novel about an astronaut stranded in orbit that was filmed in 1969 and 'Cyborg' (1972) the novel which inspired the television series 'The Six Million Dollar Man'.

The novel has contains no specific dating information beyond the fact that it is set after the first Moon landing (eg after 1969). This means it falls into the 1970 -1995 time-period before the rise of computers and the internet.
Alternative History and Future Speculation / Re: The other Lightning
« Last post by Foo Fighter on Yesterday at 11:49:18 am »
Not heard of that one, anything you can repeat?
Jebus on a Vespa, that looks oddly familiar.

Jebus on a Vespa, that looks oddly familiar.
Also from; Advanced fighter technology
Bill Sweetman's drawing
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Real or fake
« Last post by hesham on December 13, 2018, 07:19:30 am »
Thank you Martin.
Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Real or fake
« Last post by martinbayer on December 13, 2018, 07:15:03 am »
The first illustration is a Nord/ERNO concept for an aerospace transporter, see,4096.0/all.html (note though that it is shown upside down), and the fourth one is a variant of the English Electric P.42 study series as a carrier aircraft for a small launch vehicle as discussed in,27058.0/all.html,,1853.0.html, and,2182.0/all.html (I'm not sure of the exact scheme - I'm away from my references at the moment).

Theoretical and Speculative Projects / Re: Real or fake
« Last post by hesham on December 13, 2018, 05:36:04 am »

are all those aircraft drawings a hypothetical designs or not ?.
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