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User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by 500 Fan on Today at 09:14:35 am »
Thanks for all the advice, gentlemen. I will try Inkscape and see how I get on. Thanks.

500 Fan.
Designation Systems / Re: Messerschmitt Designations until 1945
« Last post by newsdeskdan on Today at 08:51:09 am »

 the Error, if this one,

Nowarra was better than some but more recent research has overturned some of his assertions. I guess you didn't see my Luftwaffe: Secret Bombers bookazine. In that case, here's a page from the Langstreckenbomber project comparison report and three pages from CIOS XXXI-3 German High Speed Airplanes and Design Development which make it reasonably clear that the P 1108 was intended to carry far more than 1000kg of bombs (4000kg) much further than 1000km (7000km) at speeds of substantially less than 1000km/h (800km/h).

As to the animal names types and the designs being found in France, I hadn't heard that before. My understanding, from Pawlas, was that they were simply handed to him by an anonymous individual and he published them with the caveat that they might not be genuine. As I've outlined elsewhere, if you compare the P 1106 and P 1108 drawings he printed in Luftfahrt International alongside provably genuine drawings of the P 1106 and P 1108, you can see that they share some traits but are generally inaccurate (e.g. P 1106 undercarriage is way off) and the style of the drawings is evidently wrong. There's no factory standard info panel on any of them either and they generally seem dissimilar to Messerschmitt drawings taken as a whole.
Something else interesting about one of them - looking at the 'Libelle', you can see that it looks rather similar to that early P 1101 drawing that also appears on these pages elsewhere. In fact, from a forward view, they could be the same. This doesn't seem like a coincidence. It seems, to me, more like someone got a look at the original designs, then tried to recreate them years later from memory.
One thing that comes over very strongly from the various reports about French aircraft manufacturers working for the Germans is that the Germans didn't trust them with any more information than they absolutely had to. Those French companies that did work on jet designs such as the Me 262 or Ar 234 usually only built one section of them, a wingtip or a fin for example - never the full aircraft. It seems unlikely that the Germans would have handed over cutting edge designs to untrustworthy subcontractors just before the Liberation (that P 1101 was drawn in July, Messerschmitt's 'partner' companies were liberated in August).
User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by Schneiderman on Today at 07:35:13 am »
If using existing 3-view drawings as a basis then you scan them and load into your drawing program, open a new drawing layer above the scanned image and effectively 'trace' it. You can use multiple layers too, so the basic drawing is in one and the bits that vary between version of the aircraft can go in separate layers which can be turned on or off as required. I have one drawing on 25 separate layers so that I can highlight the various systems, oil, fuel, water, controls etc. on the interior one by one or all together.
Not a good idea to try modifying an existing drawing scan, not only is it difficult to match the line weight etc. but there would be obvious copyright problems.
User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by Hood on Today at 07:14:25 am »
Yes, Inkscape is good. Fairly easy to get to grips with the basics and has more than enough features than you'll need for making 3-view drawings.

Practice makes perfect, but after a few practice drawings and following tutorials you should be ready to start some drawings.
User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by Winston on Today at 06:45:00 am »
Definitely consider using Inkscape.
User Artwork / Re: 6th generation fighter concepts
« Last post by Deino on Today at 06:43:01 am »
and the second is a 6th generation fighter,made using Rodrigo Avella J-50 (new version) as a base


Thanks for posting your artworks ... however one question concerning this J-50.

It has a Chinese designation, is armed with the PL-15 and the new PL-X but has USAF-markings????

Or am I wrong?

Designation Systems / Re: Messerschmitt Designations until 1945
« Last post by Michel Van on Today at 06:01:56 am »
Thanks for info, newsdeskdan

But my knowledge, is based on my source material, the Error, if this one, is by Heinz j. Nowarra.

on The animal names types, Part of those designs were found in France ! (according  Nowarra.)
Messerschmitt worked together with French Aircraft Factories during occupation of France.

For the designation let's keep out the Animal names
User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 05:04:48 am »
Scanning and converting is possible, but might not give the result you want.
Scanned images are bitmaps (pixel images). If you want to modify the drawing, it usually works better to have a vector drawing: in a vector drawing, each line is an object you can manipulate. In a bitmap, each line becomes part of the entire drawing and is not addressable separately (unless you put each line in a separate layer, but that's not feasible for complex drawings).

There are programs that can take a scanned drawing and convert it to a vector image, but they often create far too many vectors. Instead of a single line outlining a fuselage, every imperfection in the scan is turned into its own vector object, so your outline ends up as a million tiny polygons.

It's often faster to import the scan as a background image in your vector program, scale it to the size you want, and draw new lines on top of the background scan.
User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by 500 Fan on Today at 04:10:59 am »
Thanks for all the advice. From reading the various replies, it seems like going down the "computer graphics programme" route would appear to be the best option and I will at least give it a try. If it doesn't work, I can always get some drawings commissioned.

Sferrin, you mentioned that it would be helpful is if I am simply converting existing 3-views into my own. I have a set of accurate 1/72 scale drawings of the aircraft in question and they would be a perfect basis for my planned, modified drawings. If they can be scanned, inserted into a computer programme and then used as a basis for my own drawings, a considerable amount of the required work is already done. I am sure it is not quite as simple as it sounds, but it appears to be the best option open to me, I think. Thanks.

500 Fan.
User Artwork / Re: Creating your own scale drawings: How to.......
« Last post by CJGibson on Today at 03:03:04 am »
I'd go for a vector graphics drawing app like Inkscape and just practice. I'm lucky in being taught engineering drawing from first principles but in reality that made it a bit easier. With vector graphics you can draw big and reduce as required. I draw a master at A3 and reduce and rearrange that for publication at 200mm wide. Line weights and such-like can be easily modified.

The main benefit of producing your own drawings is that different types can be compared side-by-side, see attached YAH-64 vs Longbow Apache, while also opening up interesting ways of presenting changes as in the attached BAC.222/C-130E component changes or the Atlas/Belfast comparison.

As Schneiderman says drawing can be relaxing and there's nothing better than seeing one of your drawings in print, or even better turned into a model by the What-if lads.

Give it a go

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