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Does the book focus on the XXI only, or on other designs as well?

Not true.  The two fully worked up Type XXI's demonstrated that the design worked well (as well as post war testing and use in navies).

The USN post-war report although true and quality control issues was a hatchet-job regarding capabilities.

Propulsion / Re: Mach Effect MEGA Thruster
« Last post by Flyaway on Today at 09:35:21 am »
Marc Millis on Mach Effect Thruster, EmDrive Tests

by PAUL GILSTER on JUNE 18, 2018
Marc Millis spent the summer of 2017 at the Technische Universität Dresden, where he taught a class called Introduction to Interstellar Flight and Propulsion Physics, a course he would also teach at Purdue University last November. The former head of NASA’s Breakthrough Propulsion Physics project and founding architect of the Tau Zero Foundation, Marc participated in the SpaceDrive project run by Martin Tajmar in Dresden, an effort that has been in the news with its laboratory testing of two controversial propulsion concepts: The Mach Effect Thruster and the EmDrive. Marc’s review comments on modeling for the former were almost as long as Tajmar’s draft paper. Described below, the SpaceDrive project is a wider effort that includes more than these two areas — neither the EmD or MET thruster had reached active test phase during the summer he was there — but the ongoing work on both occupies Millis in the essay that follows.

My bolding.

You may have noticed a renewed burst of articles about the EmDrive. What prompted this round of coverage was an interim report, part of the progress on Martin Tajmar’s ‘SpaceDrive’ project to carefully test such claims. Tajmar’s conference paper [citation below] is one of the early steps to check for false-positives. I expect more papers to follow, each progressing to other possibilities. It might take a year or so more before irrefutable results are in. Until then, treat the press stories about certain conclusions as highly suspect.

Notice that the Mach Effect thruster is looking to be a very different beast than the EM Drive. I imagine this is a attempted corrective article to some of the poor press reporting.
Designation Systems / Re: French Aircraft Specifications 1919-1939
« Last post by hesham on Today at 09:24:03 am »
I am pride to belong to this great forum,

and all of you most be that,our works is taken by a biggest encyclopedia in the world,and
after 20 years,I spent it in collection French Aircraft Specifications from a tens of books
and a hundreds of magazines,they quoted it literally,many thanks to them;
Designation Systems / Re: PZL Aircraft Designations
« Last post by hesham on Today at 07:45:10 am »
Also in my files,

PZL-31  was a bomber Project,no other details are known.

As I remember,it was developed from P.30.
Alistair MacLean, South by Java Head, 1958


HMAS Kenmore
Q Class Destroyer
Details as per the real ships.
Note: Britain transferred the Q Class Destroyers HMS Quality, HMS Quiberon & HMS Quickmatch to Australia in 1942, two additional members of the class HMS Queenborough & HMS Quadrant were transferred in 1945.

Submarine, class not specified.

Unnamed (ex-PT-??)
Ex-US PT-Boat captured by the Japanese and used for deceptive purposes.
Details as per the real ships.
No other details.

Plot summary: As Singapore falls to the Japanese in World War Two, the last escapees make a desperate attempt to reach Australia, bearing information worth killing for.

Note: Alistair MacLean was one of the premier writers of action fiction for much of the latter half of the 20th Century, with several of his novels being filmed in the 1960s and 1970s, until he died in 1987.

Other novels by him covered in this thread are, 'HMS Ulysses' (1955), 'Night Without End' (1959), 'San Andreas' (1984) and 'Santorini' (1986) . Another novel inspired by Alistair MacLean's work I've covered is Dean Koontz's 'Icebound' originally published in the 1970s under a pen name but re-issued in a revised edition under his real name in 1995.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Westland helicopter projects
« Last post by hesham on Today at 07:08:22 am »
Wow,great find my dear TsrJoe.
Postwar Aircraft Projects / Re: Vought 'Eaglet' NGT designs
« Last post by hesham on Today at 07:06:43 am »
Oh my God,you made my day,thank you my dears Mark and Bill.
Early Aircraft Projects / Re: Boldyrev Sailplane and Ultralight Aircraft
« Last post by hesham on Today at 07:02:37 am »
Are these cyclogyros or are they powered using boundary layer vents? Turbine powered?

I think it was not cyclogyro ?.
The Type XXI boats were worse than useless. If this book says anything other than that its just Nazi wunderwaffewank. Sorry.
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