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Aerospace / Re: MH-139 to replace USAF UH-1Ns
« Last post by TomS on Today at 06:50:48 am »
Considering that the MH-139 is a bit smaller than the UH-60 did Bell make a mistake when they decided not to submit a UH-1Y variant for the competition?

As noted above, Bell did look at bidding the UH-1Y and decided that the modifications required were just too expensive. The Yankee is a pricey aircraft, it seems. The MH-139, on the other hand, seems to have been much cheaper than either the H-60 or (probably) the UH-1Y. 

Possibly worth mentioning that while this is being pitched as a missile field security helicopter, a sizable portion of the Air Force's UH-1N inventory (about 1/3) are actually VIP/Continuity of Government transports in the DC area.  I'd expect the same for the replacement program.

Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by Mark Nankivil on Today at 06:13:56 am »
Thanks Flateris - rather nice looking lines.  Hope Scaled keeps it flying as a chase plane....

Enjoy the Day!  Mark
Aerospace / Re: T-X - A Future USAF Trainer
« Last post by flateric on Today at 12:11:53 am »
The Bar / Re: Info on Indian interest in Douglas A-4 Skyhawk??
« Last post by Pioneer on Today at 12:05:28 am »
Thank you for your efforts and contributions gents!
Thank you TomS for the links (interesting read!!)

Military / Re: Army Wants 'Air Droppable' Light Tank & Ultra-Light Vehicles
« Last post by bobbymike on Yesterday at 10:13:50 pm »

WASHINGTON -- While our current combat fleet is composed of very capable vehicles, these vehicles have been in the inventory for decades and their ability to overmatch peer capabilities in close combat is starting to wane. As the Army prepares for future combat operations, it needs new platforms, with future growth margins, to maintain our ability to dominate the battlefield.

This is a challenge for the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross-Functional Team, or NGCV CFT, to solve. The NGCV CFT was established as part of the Army's modernization strategy and is currently led by Brig. Gen. Ross Coffman. The team consists of hand-selected military and civilian personnel, who are charged with narrowing or closing Cross Domain Maneuver capability gaps. The team is well supported by Program Executive Office-Ground Combat Systems and Research, Development and Engineering Command leaders and representatives. The CFT serves as the primary Army integrator for Under Secretary of the Army/Vice Chief of Staff of the Army and Army Requirements Oversight Council decision for all supporting analysis, modeling, simulation and technical demonstrations. The NGCV CFT director, on behalf of the USA/VCSA, synchronizes the capability development process, and then rapidly transitions the requirement to a leader-approved capability into the Army Acquisition System.
Thought I'd put this in here, it seems to be connected to this.

Airbus Demonstrates Manned-Unmanned Teaming for Future Air Combat Systems
September 25, 2018 DP Press Releases 0 Comments Airbus, Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Europe, Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUMT), Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)

Airbus has successfully performed manned-unmanned teaming (MUT) test flight campaigns demonstrating the ability to control unmanned systems from a manned aircraft.

These campaigns included demonstrations with five Airbus-built Do-DT25 target drones controlled from a mission group commander who was airborne in a manned command and control (C2) aircraft.

Flown in a test zone of Germany’s Baltic Sea area, the MUT trial flights served multiple purposes, including validating such elements as connectivity, human-machine interface, and the concept of teaming intelligence through mission group management. For the aspect of teaming intelligence, multiple capabilities and enabling technologies are required at sufficient maturity levels – from teaming/swarming algorithms and new sensors to mission management systems for command and control assistance by the manned aircraft’s crew.

A key element contributing to these successful flights was the advanced flight control and flight management system developed by Airbus for unmanned air vehicles – which combines fully automatic guidance, navigation and control with intelligent swarming capabilities.

Manned-unmanned-teaming is expected to increase the mission efficiency of future airborne systems in many ways. Equipped with sensors, the swarm of unmanned systems can provide situational awareness to a mission group commander located a safe distance away aboard the manned aircraft.

The Airbus MUT demonstrations brought together several of the company’s programme and product lines, with the main development and test phases conducted during a short timeframe and at low cost – supported by an agile, rapid prototyping environment and a risk-mitigation approach.

Expertise gained during the manned-unmanned teaming test flight campaigns will be applied by Airbus to develop Europe’s Future Combat Air System (FCAS).
Aerospace / Re: Northrop Grumman B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber
« Last post by sferrin on Yesterday at 07:26:08 pm »
Looking at the Mitchell Institute report, there is definitely room for a FB-XX class bomber in the future. Something which brings payload at range but has numbers.
What is this Mitchell Institute report? Hopefully such an FB-XX would have speed too. A robust supercruise capability and maybe the ability to dash at Mach 2 at high altitudes.
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