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Author Topic: Franco-German Aircraft Carrier Proposal  (Read 741 times)

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Re: Franco-German Aircraft Carrier Proposal
« Reply #15 on: March 14, 2019, 06:45:11 am »
A similar situation already exists with the February 2016 Letter of Intent which allows the German Navy to use the HLNMS Karel Doorman for operations.
I don't think this has actually happened yet (operations under the German ensign), but both navies have been co-operating closely since July 2015, a German Seebataillon being formed and attached to the Dutch Navy in return for access to the Doorman. This Seebataillon has been embarked on exercises several times.

A similar situation could conceivably apply to the aircraft carrier, the Marineflieger could provide dedicated aircraft units (probably FCAS/SCAF naval aircraft) to equip the carrier. Germany might also contribute a share of the construction costs in this case. Effectively the same thing is happening with the USMC deployment aboard QE. A bilateral agreement like this would probably work better. An EU flagged carrier would present issues unless there was buy-in from the other nations. For example an EU carrier conducting a Freedom of Navigation exercise in the South China Sea would present political problems, would the carrier be representing all 27 member states or just France and Germany?
It's possible of course that by 2030 attitudes and the landscape has changed sufficiently that some form of pooled EU defence force has become a political reality (although NATO attempts at mulitnational forces never managed to get off the ground even at the height of the Cold War).
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