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Author Topic: National Aerospace Library Aviation Book Sale (Farnborough, UK) May 24 2018  (Read 1384 times)

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For your future diary an Aviation Book Sale is to be held at the National Aerospace Library at Farnborough on Thursday May 24 2018.

The book sale - to which entry is free - will be held throughout the day from 10.30am - 4.30pm .

Available for purchase on the day will be many 100s of new / secondhand donated books and heaps of aviation magazines - a wide range of aviation / aerospace history books, autobiographies, biographies, histories of individual aircraft types / aircraft companies, old journals, books on the history of RAF, technical textbooks etc. - a sheer abundance of aviation titles.

Most of the books will be sold between £1.00 and £5.00 and the magazines will be 25p each or 5 for a £1.00; the money raised from the sale of these donated books will be used towards the conservation of historic aviation material in the Libraryís archives.

This year we are continuing the funding for the archival conservation of a large collection of original Second World War aircraft identification posters.

We have had a number of book collections donated to the Library in recent months and we literally have boxes and boxes of donated books to sell on the day.

As this event attracted a number of visitors last year, arrangements for additional parking have been made with Farnborough Business Park so that on the day there will be signed parking areas available for people to use on the hard standing outside the Q121 and R133 wind tunnel buildings, which are near to the end of The Hub building where the National Aerospace Library is located.

No parking vouchers will be required to be displayed by visitors to the Book Sale who park in these designated areas which will only be accessible via North Gate Road alongside the BMW site on Farnborough Road:-

The Aviators in the opposite corner of The Hub building in the which the National Aerospace Library is located serves a wide selection of hot and cold meals / refreshments:-

Please feel welcome to forward details of the Book Sale to anyone who may be interested.

Brian Riddle
Chief Librarian

National Aerospace Library
T: +44 (0)1252 701060
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The interesting thing about these book sales is that they never advertise them on their web page or in the RAeS calendar of events.
I mentioned that to them last year and got a very offhand reply   :)
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Amazing news my dear Paul.

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Iíd like to go to this but may have to work that day sadly...

Itís an interesting area and nearby is the old Qinetiq site (now the Cody Technology Park) where the XV344 Nightbird is on display. Itís not open to the public unless visiting on business, but I took a few snaps a year or two ago.

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The framework of the 1911 Portable Airship Hangar is just outside the library