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UK National Aerospace Library technical reports holdings


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Dec 31, 2008
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I received this message from Brian Riddle, Chief Librarian at the National Aerospace Library at Farnborough.

For your information, the National Aerospace Library at Farnborough (www.aerosociety.com/nal) - which incorporates the Library of the Royal Aeronautical Society
formerly located in London - is a free-to-access public reference library which is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm. The Library is open to receiving enquiries (by personal visit/e-mail/phone/letter) from anyone around the world.

As described on the attached pdfs - which you are welcome to forward anyone else who may be interested - over 40,000 technical reports from aeronautical research establishments from around the world from 1909 onwards (including AGARD/ARC/ARL/DLR/ESA/ESRO/FFA/ISAS/NACA/NASA/NLR/NRC/ONERA/TAE/UTIAS and some of the major Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) technical report series) are now held for reference at the National Aerospace Library at Farnborough.

For any enquiries regarding this material, please contact the librarians at Farnborough (Tel: 01252 701038/701060; e-mail: hublibrary@aerosociety.com)

Thanks to Mr. Riddle, I now have a lead on something I have wanted for many years--the report on the trial so of the Delanne-style conversion of Westland P.12 Lysander.

I thought others might be interested as well. PDF files attached.




  • ARC and NACA Technical Reports.pdf
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  • National Aerospace Library - Technical Reports (April 2010).pdf
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  • Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Reports.pdf
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  • Wartime Intelligence Reports.pdf
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