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Author Topic: Marconi S1844 or T1844 Long Range Radar  (Read 687 times)

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Marconi S1844 or T1844 Long Range Radar
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:43:57 am »
In 1994 concerns around cost began to be raised about the then Thomson-CSF ASTRAL L-band 3D long range surveillance radar for what would become PAAMS but was at the time FAMS/LAMS technical solutions were sought for a potential alternative. Ultimately the S1850M (originally called T1850), referred to as SMARTELLO, was chosen, this being the Signal SMART-L antenna with bit of the Marconi Martello family to increase ECCM capability. However, prior to reaching that point there were other candidates:

1) The originally assumed Thomson-CSF ASTRAL
2) Alenia RAN-32L
3) Signaal SMART-L
4) Marconi T1844

All this comes from Jane's, based on Google books searching. Apparently the Alenia offer did not meet the technical requirements. The Marconi radar is listed variously T1844 or S1844, I can't find any information about it at all, I assume it would have been heavily based on the existing Martello radars? Has anybody got any more information on either the Marconi T1844 or the wider FAMS/LAMS/PAAMS Log Range Radar affair...?