YF-4E PACT / CCV Demonstrator


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26 May 2006
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Re: The MD F-4E (CCV) report

hesham said:



Now that the NASA archives are down for who knows how long, would it be possible to have you email me a copy of this report? I am doing research on the F-4 and would like to look at it. If you respond, I will send my email address.
Yf-4e demonstrator with uprated engines and canard. Anyone have more
info on this project? Was it fly by wire? There were claims it had f-15 like performance and could turn inside an f-16.


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Hesham's link is working again. I also found this:

The paper comprising chapter 12, starting on page 143 of the conference report, discusses the the SFCS (Survivable flight control system) and PACT flight programs. The PACT program is discussed on pages 155-166 of the pdf and includes performance gains from FBW, reduced stability, slats, and canards.

Just eyeballing the turning performance graph, it looks pretty similar to a graph I remember from one of the early F-15 books comparing the difference between the F-15 and the F-4.


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Welcome aboard Apparition13,

and many thanks.
F-4 #12200 has been a favorite aircraft of mine for some time. Here is a link to Ron Downey's Aviation Archives article on this bird.

What is the difference between the three programs of CCV, PACT and SFCS?
I'm a bit confused.
What is the difference between the three programs of CCV, PACT and SFCS?
I'm a bit confused.
SFCS (Survivable Flight Control System) - A digital Fly-by-wire adaption of YF-4E prototype.
PACT (Precision Aircraft Control Technology) / CCV (Control Configured Vehicle) - Adaption of YF-4E from SFCS with canards to test CCV.
Here's an article which gives a good overview of the entire AFFDL program on Active Control Technology.

by Robert P. Johannes and Robert A. Whitmoyer Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory


This paper traces the evolution of active control technology (ACT) from the viewpoint of the Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory (AFFDL). Emphasis is placed on the aero- dynamic control forces necessary to fully exploit ACT and in describing AFFDL development programs which merge these two disciplines and transition technology into operational flight equipment. Specific ACT programs described are: (1) the LAMS Program, (2) the CCV B-52 Program, (3) the SFCS F-4 Program, (4) the CCV/PACT F-4 Programs, (5) the Vari- able Stability NT-33 Program, (6) the CCV YF-16 Program, (7) the A-7D Digital Multimode Program, (8) the IFFC I/FIREFLY III Program, and (9) the AFTI-16 Program. Experiences indicating areas of need for extension of fluid dynamics technology are also discussed.


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