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Wireless communication systems of early Cold War Soviet subs


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Apr 2, 2020
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Can experts share their knowledge on early Cold War Soviet communication systems used on board the Whiskey, Zulu, Foxtrott, Romeo, Golf, Hotel, November, Echo, Juliett class subs? Were these exclusively HF, or VLF radios and associated equipment? VLF rig might have been used as well with the RSDN-20 Alpha long range navigation system, but this requires clarification.

Whiskey class likely had the following on-board radios:
  • R-672 - LW receiver
  • Breeze-IP-2 - HF
  • Delfin - HF teletype (?)
  • Purga-45 - HF receiver
  • R-670 - HF receiver
  • Reyd-I - VHF/UHF (?)
  • MKTU-3 Kashtan crypto (or Listvennitsa)

Zulu class apparently had the following radios:
  • R-641 HF Receiver
  • R-647 HF Receiver
  • R-670 HF Receiver
  • R-673 Receiver
  • MKTU-Sh radio link or crypto (?)
  • B-61 (?)
  • Iva (?)
I don't know about the other classes.