WIN or DIE - Lockheed CL-590

Oh, very nice! Any details on this - it looks like some sort of F-14 competitor.


That looks awesome! I loved the drawings of it when I first saw them in the forums.
I don't know this bird ???

What is its (project) story ?
Deltafan said:
I don't know this bird ???

What is its (project) story ?

Once more, use powerful search functions at forum,1601.msg13652.html#msg13652
Nice work on the CL-590 design proposal Jozef!
The design looks very aerodynamically clean!
And thankfully, does not have the ridicules gigantic General Dynamics type bally-mounted air brake!
The design looks as if it could carry a large amount of internal fuel

Regards & encouraging more of this research into the ‘TFX’ program
I like this design, too. I have only one problem to do next hundreds beatiful designs - no free time


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    Lockheed CL-590_sc2.jpg
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Finally rerendered in better quality


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    Lockheed CL-590.jpg
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Hay PlanePic`s
Are you able to do a version of your great works of the Lockheed CL-590 TFX, dropping ordinance in a combat scenario (with AA reaching up?)

I'm probably able to do all what you think but can you precise it more (weapons, etc.)


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    Lockheed CL-590_sc3.jpg
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I'm glad you like it, Gary. For me these colors are little bright but I would like to use full offered color range
Thanks PlanePic`s

How about the Lockheed CL-590 carrying out the strike on Libya, say dropping Paveway LBG`s

Wow see through plane!! Your idea and your C.G. soft is really surprising.
she's a shining beauty!
I believe C.L.Johnson in heaven loves your art very much. ;)
Josef, this is one of the most beautiful stuff from you. Thanks for sharing!
Personally I'd love to see your take on the XF-103 Thunderwarrior and the F-106X canard development... ;)

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