Wanted: Marcus Lindroos


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1 April 2006
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Anyone have seen or contacted this man lately?
Marcus, please come back with your site.
So many people missing it so much.


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mm, I heard that he is working on a NASA History Series book.. stations ?
I thought he was working for ESA at some point. You could ask there...
I agree with all of you folks!!
I really miss that guy and his enciclopedic infos....
Anybody tried Googling - I have...


and a recent article by him.


Unless of course this is a completely different Marcus ;D


Well done! Hmm maybe it would be better then than someone like Overscan or Orionblablam try to contact him no ?
Internet archive is my friend!!!

I had already tried to search Lindroos website using this IA, but I thought only "introduction to future launch vehicle plans"

I googled "Marcus Lindroos" and found the former adress of his website there

Former adress was this http://www.abo.fi/~mlindroo/welcome.html but it no longer works... aside if you use Internet archive (which sounds quite logical I know)

So for anybody interested by Lindroos former website, adress via I.A is now

flateric said:
Anyone have seen or contacted this man lately?
Marcus, please come back with your site.
So many people missing it so much.

...Have we considered putting this photo on milk cartons yet?
I briefly exchanged e-mails with him in the first week of February asking him about the Space pages. At the time, he was interested in placing the pages back on the Internet, but wanted to use a free web hosting service.

As far as I know, he is working as QA Manager for a company in Espoo, Finland named Space Systems Finland Ltd. that writes guidance software.

I think you could get a response from him if you offered to provide hosting for the Space pages.
I sent him an e-mail message and passed on Overscan's offer to host the "Space Pages" and also told him that he was missed at this forum. He responded that he has found a new host for the "Space Pages" and was in the process of uploading the graphics files on Google Sites. Unfortunately, he didn't give me the new URL and he didn't address the issue about returning to the "Secret Projects" forum. I presume that he is busy.

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