W. P. Gary's "Hoople Multiplane" ringwing aircraft (1910)

JC Carbonel

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7 September 2006
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the title says it all . probably German (the pix comes from a German newsclipping) pre-WW1 ?

thanks for any idea

Hi J.C.!

I haven't found exactly what you want, but back in 1908 in France, the Marquis d'Equevilly designed a multiplane within a circular frame.

I'll keep looking!

hello !
This picture appeared in "Der Flieger " in the 50'
The plane was then entitled "August Klein " 1910
I never found any "August Klein " in my files .
I asked Mr Karlheinz Kens,who has published a lot of excellent books about german aircraft and projects ,and he told me the bird was still a mystery to him.
Who knows more ?
Yes !
His latest work, "Historische deutsche Flugzeuge bis 1945 is a must !
pics,3 views of Kl106,Kl151,L 20,L21 ,Caspar C32, Gerner G 1,G 2,Bauemer Schnecke ,BV 141 V 2,BV 40,Fw 159 ,Al 101, Ruchtaler Ru 3,and 6 saiplanes of the 20'
Modellsport Verlag
On the "Aerodrome" forum , Varese identified it , some times ago : It is the "Hoople Multiplane" built by W.P Gary (1910) in the United States of America ...
How has it been resurrected in the fifties in Germany as "A.Klein" remains a mystery ...
Were some of these 'weird, wild and/or wonderful' designs not so much for figuring what works, but side-stepping the litigious Wright Bros' patents ??

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