Vulcain II nozzle used in high-end loudspeaker sets!!!


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13 February 2006
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This is something exactly for me - combination of techno and aerospace :eek: :eek: :eek:

The use of Ariane launcher technology has blasted a French loudspeaker firm into a winning position. Haliaetus Technologies won a top prize in a prestigious competition for creative start-ups with an innovative loudspeaker that uses rocket nozzle shapes to reduce sound distortion. Jean-Pierre Morkerken, an acoustic researcher from the French lab 'Laboratoire d’Acoustique Musicale', at the 'University Pierre and Marie Curie' in Paris, got the idea to adapt rocket nozzle profiles to loudspeakers boxes. He tried it out with surprising results. The invention reduced quality losses due to aerodynamical effects, and allowed better sound for a smaller size of speaker.

For the Ariane rocket, the shape of the nozzles is crucial to secure the best gas flow with no turbulences during take off. For speakers it is essential to make the sound waves propagate with as little turbulence, to avoid distortion. The objective of the rocket design engineers is very similar to the one of their acoustic colleagues – to reduce turbulence. A start-up company was created, Haliaetus Technologies SAS, and following further research and development, the team has finished industrial prototypes thanks to support from ESA Technology Transfer Programme (TTP), its French TTP-partner Nodal Consultants and the French government's innovation programme. First sets were sold to customers in October 2004.

So be prepared - rockets are coming to your living room!


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Ain't nuthin' new there. The Germans tried this out sixty years ago.

Sorta reminds me of the B&W Nautilus speakers.


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