Viva La France: Leduc Ramjet Interceptor

Very good, I'm really curious to see the complete result !
BTW, without too many changes, you could also portray the
Leduc 040, a project for a light interceptor, very similar to
the 022. As it remained a project, you're absolutely free to
chose a colour scheme, without bothering about purists .. ;)


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That last one is looking amazingly good.
Love the effect.
Can't wait to see the next instalment.

Peter :eek: ;D
Any idea of what kind of ordnance was supposed to go on this thing? I see the 040 equipped with a missile. What missile is that? I'd like to accurately render an appropriate design.
"What missile is that?"
I've asked the same question a while ago (;prev_next=next,
but got no definitive answer.
To my opinion, it's the JC 01 missile ( for Jean Cuny N°01), which he used, when the actual
armament was still unknown. And the Lacroze/Ricco book about René Leduc contains a
lot of drawings made by Joel Mesnard, but several from Jean Cuny, too.
Confronted with a similar problem, I'd chosen the Matra R.511 for the Statodyne.


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"What if" before 1960 : R511 (or AA 20 - AS 20)

After : Matra R 530

Ramjet : Do y know the Nord Aviation Mach 5 ramjet fighter ?
Anybody have any grievances with my choice of Matra 530? I think I got the scale right but I could be wrong. Just gotta do the cockpit and some of the finishing details.


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Griffon... Trident... Triton... Baroudeur... You name it! Any 1950s French prototype is a treat as far as I'm concerned!
French fat


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French fat


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French fat


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Brilliant pics! But you really should get a new thread started... This bird deserves better than being hidden within the Leduc thread!
I believe Justo has decided for me. Dude this guy is amazing...he doesn't play around.

Stargazer...I shall investigate the other aircraft in mention for profiling.

Mr. Overscan - I can oblige you on your P.1121 endeavors. However I want to do the most exotic variant...that hasn't already been done of course.
prolific1 said:
OMG...the master has arrived!!!

Um...just PS CS3.
The shading and weathering is very good- I've never been able to get PS to work for me and have been doing all my work including shading and weathering inside of Illustrator CS2 (upgraded over the summer, was previously using Illustrator 10).
Amazing photos JM.
but i dont think the griffon is all that fat. I actually like her proportions, it is just one mean arsed engine :)
Photoshop? ;D
Convert Fat Woman photos to look like a Slim Model (Graphic Design, Photography, Photoshop)
Fantastic Artwork B) , I'm jealous ::)

prolific1 said:
Um...just PS CS3.

that enough for that cool artwork
its only question how to use Photoshop

let me guess several layer with color ?
prolific1 said:
Something like 100 layers.

he he, that's a logistic nightmare, even more with masking.
but you get a airbrush like graphic

in PS CS4 you get now better control on Layers, like put them in Folders
You can do that with CS3 as well...which is actually what I do. I have the fuselage, wing, horizontal stabilizer, tail, cockpit, and intake and exhaust as separate folders - each with dozens of layers. The fuselage had the most layers and therefore sub-folder within it as well. I don't use masks though. I'm not vey good with them and they don't serve me well. Maybe in After-Effects but not so much in PS. I'm still kind of amateurish with Photoshop so there are many features I still don't understand.
I 'm looking for the cutaway of Nord griffon, it was published years ago in a magazine English edition

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