Vietnam Era - Ejector Seats equipped with Glider Wings


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26 January 2011
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I remember reading many years ago, in Janes of experiments in the 1960s of experiments to equip jet fighter pilots with a means of "reaching safety", if they were forced to eject over enemy territory. The idea was to equip their ejector seats with wings and a small jet engine, which the pilot would then fly to a safe area where he could then either descend by parachute or be picked up by a C-130 equipped with a Fulton retrieval system. I see in the thread about the LTV Crusader a similar idea was to be attempted with the entire nose of the fighter. Does anybody have any more information about this interesting concept?
I remember seeing pictures (FRI?) of a Kaman? project under a program called SAVER. It was a gyroplane with a jet propulsion engine, and the sides of the seat rotated upwards and backwards to act as stabilizing tails.
They sketched three different types of wings for those ejection seats: rotor, Rogallo and fixed wing.
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