Vickers Guided Missiles lecture

phil gollin

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19 September 2007
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As an aside I also noted that in their events diary that on 13th February there is a London Society of Air-Britain lecture entitled "The Secret World of Vickers Guided Missiles" by John Forbat, at the Victory Club, W2 - ref.
The website seems to show that visitors can come, so I'll see if I can attend...
Just got back from the lecture. It was really interesting, and John Forbat is a really nice guy with a genuine passion for missiles. I ended up doing IT technical support to get his brand new Vista laptop talking to the projector, and his dvd to play.

He talked about the various missile programs he worked on, a lot of the material was familiar from his books but its quite different to hear it in person, and be able to ask questions.

I'll be keeping an eye on future lectures from the London Society of Air Britain.
Aha! I was trying to figure out who you were...

Second the comments - very interesting, and recommend both the books - there is much more than just TSR.2 in the Precision Attack book!


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