Vassili Mischin Rocket aircraft


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22 January 2006
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Found on Flug Revue 12/1993. I can't understand very much the text. Please what is it?


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It should be a vertical take-off , rocket powered passenger
aircraft proposed by Vasilli Mischin of the Moskow Aviation Institute...
A very interesting find indeed. A tailsitter VTOL space plane ! :eek:

I've treid to write a quick translation :

„Plans for a rocket powered aircraft

According to Wassili Mischin , member of the academy, a rocket powered passenger
aircraft could be realised just within three years. The necessary technology is already
available today. Mischin, successor to chief designer Sergej Koroljow and responsible
for the manned russian lunar project in the sixties, is proposing a new type of passenger
aircraft, powered by rocket engines. The aircraft is intended to take-off vertically and
land back vertically (!) after a glider-like descent. The idea stems from the moscow
aerospace institute where Mischin holds a chair. There the possiblity was investigated
to return the first stage of a rocket to the launching point and re-use it later. For this
purpose, it should be fitted with additional jet engines. A vertical take-off rocket aircaft
would make a standard airport unnecessary. Another point is, that it is expected to have
a lower fuel consumption in relation to its payload. Due to the omission of tail surfaces,
it is of easier construction, than a conventional aircraft, flaps aren’t needed, too. The
engines could be mounted above or beneath the wing and the simple landing gear just
is used for servicing the aircraft in horizontal attitude. Only flight control in the event
of an engine malfunction is regarded as problematic.“
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