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Okay, after about 1946/1947; the USN began to assign SCB numbers sequentially, starting with USS Norfolk (CLK/DL) as SCB-1; the USS Tang (SS) as SCB-2, etc.

By 1964, they switched to SCB numbering in blocks; e.g.

001-009 SCB-Cruisers
100 SCB-Carriers
200 SCB-Destroyers/Frigates
300 SCB-Submarines
400 SCB-Amphibious
500 SCB-Mine Warfare
600 SCB-Patrol
700 SCB-Auxilaries
800 SCB-Service Craft
900 SCB-Special Purpose

Thus far here is a list of SCB Numbers I've found from trolling Norman Friedman's US Design Histories and a few other sources...

Norfolk CLK/DL SCB-1
Tang SS SCB-2
Improved Tang SS SCB-2A
United States CVA SCB-6A
30 kt DE SCB-7
LST-1156 SCB-9
Submarine Arctic Picket SCB-12
Migrane III Radar Picket Submarine SCB-12A
Kentucky Anti-aircraft BB Conversion SCB-19
LCU-1466 SCB-25
Essex Modernization SCB-27A
Essex Modernization SCB-27C
FY 52 Regulus Conversion of Fleet Boat SCB-28
Submarine, Guided Weapons SCB-33
Submarine, Aircraft (unknown) SCB-34
SSK-1 (Barracuda) SCB-35
Radio Controlled Target BB SCB-38
Conversion of Fleet Sub to Submarine Oiler SCB-39
ASW CVE Study SCB-43
Agile/Acme Minesweepers SCB-45A
Guppy II Conversion SCB-47
Guppy IA Conversion SCB-47A
Fleet Snorkel Conversion SCB-47B
Guppy IIA Conversion SCB-47C
Boston CAG Conversion SCB-48
FY 50 DDE Conversions SCB-53
CVL Conversion SCB-54
Albacore AGSS SCB-56
Fleet Boat to SSK Conversion SCB-58
DE ASW Refit SCB-63A
Nautilus SSN SCB-64
Seawolf (Old) SSN SCB-64A
X-1 Midget Submarine SCB-65
Submarine Minelayer SCB-66
Closed Cycle Submarine SCB-67
T-1 Target Submarine SCB-68
Iowa Replacement of 40mm with 3”/70 SCB-74E
Thomaston SCB-75
Forrestal CV SCB-80
Neosho AO SCB-82
Sailfish Radar Picket Submarine SCB-84
Forrest Sherman SCB-85
Forrest Sherman SCB-85A
FY 53 Plan to Finish unfinished Gearings SCB-88
Rigel SCB-97
Midway Modernization SCB-101
Nimitz CVN SCB-102
Midway Modernization SCB-110
Midway Modernization SCB-110A
Suribachi SCB-114A
Darter SS SCB-116
FY 55 Regulus SSG SCB-118
Skate SSN SCB-121
Original Barbel Design SCB-124
Essex Modernization SCB-125
Essex Modernization SCB-125A
Kitty Hawk CV SCB-127
Constellation CV SCB-127A
America CV SCB-127B
John F Kennedy CV SCB-127C
Coontz with all Guns SCB-129
Claud Jones SCB-131
Triton SSRN SCB-132
Cove SCB-136
Missile Firing Submarine SCB-137
Halibut SSGN SCB-137A
YP-654 SCB-139
Oklahoma City Talos Conversion SCB-140
Coontz SCB-142
Coontz with Terrier Aft SCB-143
YTB-752 SCB-147
YTB-760 SCB-147A
LCU-1610 SCB-149
LCU-1627 SCB-149B
Final Barbel Design SCB-150
Skipjack SSN SCB-154
Charles F Adams SCB-155
Iwo Jima SCB-157
13,800 ton DLGN SCB-158
Enterprise CVAN SCB-160
Growler SCB-161
Submarine SCB-166
Long Beach CLGN/CGN SCB-169
Seaplane Support Submarine SCB-170
Leahy (FY 58 DLG 16) SCB-172
Improved Leahy SCB-172A
Albany Conversion with Regulus SCB-173 (Regulus was later dropped from conversion)
Albany Conversion with Polaris SCB-173A (Third Ship, Never proceeded with)
Tullibee SSN SCB-178
Victory Ship Conversions to Surveying Ships SCB-179
Ethan Allen SSBN SCB-180
George Washington SSBN SCB-180A
Phase III Albacore AGSS SCB-182
Conrad SCB-185
Raleigh SCB-187
La Salle SCB-187A
Austin SCB-187B
Austin SCB-187C
Permit SSN SCB-188
Sturgeon SSN SCB-188A
Bainbridge SCB-189
Hunley AS SCB-194
Sacramento SCB-196
Bronstein FF SCB-199
Garcia FF SCB-199A
Brooke FF SCB-199B
Knox FF SCB-199C
Knox FF SCB-200
November 1958 CV Design SCB-203
Dolphin AGSS SCB-207
Mars SCB-208
November 1959 CV Design SCB-211
Belknap SCB-212
Lafayette SCB-216
Forrest Sherman ASW Modernization SCB-221
Truxtun SCB-222
Guppy III FRAM? SCB-223
Spruance DD SCB-224
Kingsport Satellite Ship Conversion SCB-225
Silas Bent SCB-226
Ticonderoga DDG/CG SCB-226
Typhon DLGN (FY 65) SCB-227
Suribachi Modernization SCB-232
Victory Ship Conversion to FBM Support Ships SCB-234
Metor SCB-236
Simon Lake SCB-238
Forrest Sherman AAW Conversion SCB-240
California DLGN/CGN SCB-241
Farragut AAW Modernization SCB-243
Coontz AAW Modernization SCB-243
Samuel Gompers SCB-244
Narwhal SSN SCB-245
Virginia DLGN/CGN SCB-246
Barry ASW Modernization SCB-251
Flagstaff SCB-252
Oliver Hazard Perry FFG SCB-261
Guitarro SCB-300
Lipscomb SSN SCB-302
Los Angeles SSN SCB-303
Ohio SSBN SCB-304
Blue Ridge SCB-400
Austin SCB-402
Charleston SCB-403
Anchorage SCB-404
Newport SCB-405
LCU-1627 (Later) SCB-406
Tarawa SCB-410
Asheville SCB-600
Pegasus PHM SCB-602
Puget Sound SCB-700
Yellowstone SCB-700
L.Y. Spear SCB-702
Kilauea SCB-703
Wichita SCB-707
Melville SCB-710
De Steiguer SCB-710
Mission Class Tanker Jumbo Conversion SCB-713
Edenton SCB-719
Pigeon SCB-721
Chauvenet SCB-723
Wilkes SCB-726
Hayes SCB-726
Wyman SCB-728
Gyre SCB-734
Emory S Land SCB-737
Cimarron SCB-739
Powhatan SCB-744
YP-654 SCB-800
I may be able to fill in some of the gaps. However, I´m on holiday in Spain for the next week so you will have to wait about 10 days for the information.

All the best
FY1948-64 Series (SCB-1 to SCB-252)

1 DL-1 USS Norfolk (authorised as CLK-1)
2 Tang class SS
2A Improved Tang class SS. Replaced by SCB.116.
5 Mitscher class DL
6 CVA-58 USS United States. Also SCB.6A.
7 Conversion of Fletcher class DD to DDE
8 Project for an Escort Carrier (CVE) in the late 1940s
9 Terrebonne Parish class LST
11 AGB-4 USS Glacier an icebreaker
12 Migraine II conversion of Fleet Submarines to Radar Pickets (SSR)
12A Migraine III conversion of Fleet Submarines to Radar Pickets (SSR)
13 CLC-1 USS Northampton
This ship was begun as a Baltimore class cruiser with the hull number CA-125 and completed Task Force (later Tactical) Command Ship.​
It became a NECPA ship with the hull number CC-1.​
14 Project for a 20-knot APA
15 Project for a 20-knot AKA
16 Project for a 20-knot AGC
17 Project for a 20-knot LSD
19 BB (AA) AA conversion of USS Kentucky
25 LCU
SCB-25A LCU1608 class
26 Hawaii with a short flightdeck forward
27A Modernisation of Essex class CV (Hydraulic catapult version)
27C Modernisation of Essex class CV (Steam catapult version)
28 Conversion of Gato class Fleet Submarine USS Tunny (SS-282) to fire Regulus cruise missile. Her hull number changed to SSG-282.
32 Project for a 20-knot LST
37 IFS-1 USS Carronade
38 Proposal to convert BB-45 USS Colorado into a target ship for anti-ship missiles.
39 Conversion of Gato class Fleet Submarine USS Guavina (SS-362) to a Submarine Oiler. Her hull number was changed to SSO-362, then AGSS-362 and finally AOSS-362.
43 CVE Escort Carrier Project Early 1950s
45A Acme, Agile and Aggressive classes MSO
46 Conversion of Destroyer Escorts (DE) to Radar Pickets (DER)
47 Conversion of Balao and Tench class Fleet Submarines to GUPPY II standard.
48 Conversion of Baltimore class CA USS Boston and USS Canberra to Guided Missile Heavy Cruisers (CAG) firing Terrier missiles.
49 AKS AKS-32 and 33 Stores Issue Ships
51 Project for a modern PC to combat FBD Submarines
53 Conversion of Sumner class DD to DDE
54 Modernisation of 2 Independence class CVL
56 AGSS-569 USS Albacore
58 Bass class ASW hunter-killer submarine (SSK)
60 LVT A for LVT(A)5 and B for LVT(3)
63 Modernisation of wartime Destroyer Escorts
64 SSN-571 USS Nautilus
64A SSN-575 USS Seawolf
65 SS X-1 Type II Midget submarine
66 Project to covert Fleet Submarines to minelaying submarines (SSM)
67 Closed Cycle Submarine (SSX)
68 Mackerel class training submarine (SST)
69 Bluebird class MSC
72 Dealey class DE
75 Thomaston class LSD
76 ASW modernisation of Fletcher class
77 AKA and SCB-77A
78 Paul Revere class APA. Changed to LPA on 1 January 1969.
80 Forrestal class CVA
82 Neosho class AO
83 Proposal to complete CB-3 USS Hawaii as a flagship (CBC). Her designation was changed to CBC-3 on 26th February 1952 to reflect this.
84 Sailfish class SSR
85 Forrest Sherman class DD
85A Forrest Sherman class DD
88 Proposal to complete DD-766, 767 and 791 as standard Gearing class destroyers with 6 guns and 5 torpedo tubes.
89 Prototype Modern PC
90 Prototype Modern PCE
97 Rigel class AF
110 Refit of Midway class aircraft carriers.
F.D.R 1954-56​
Midway 1955-57​
110A More extensive version of SCB.110 for Coral Sea 1957-60.
114 Suribachi class AE
115 AVS Aviation Stores Ship
116 SS-576 USS Darter
117 Proposal to fit DE-383 USS Mills (Edsall class) with 2 Rolls Royce RM60 gas turbines.
118 Conversion of Balao class Fleet Submarine USS Barbero (SS-317) to fire Regulus cruise missiles with the Hull Number SSG-517.
119 De Soto County class LST
121 Skate class SSN
122 Conversion of CVE-90 USS Thetis Bay into CVHA-1/LPH-6.
123 Mine warfare vessel no other details
124 Improved Darter class SS. Replaced by SCB.150.
125 Essex class with an angled flight deck
126 Guardian Class AGR. They were EC-2 type merchant ships converted to Radar Picket Ships.
127 CVA-63 USS Kitty Hawk
127A CVA-64 USS Constellation
127B CVA-66 USS America
127C CVA-67 USS John F. Kennedy
129 Project for an all-gun version of the Farragut class DLG.
130 Proposed conversion of 1,630 ton destroyers to "Corvettes" which would be designated Destroyer Corvettes (DDC).
131 Claude Jones class DE
132 SSRN-586 USS Triton
136 MSI names not known
137 Production SSG design. Replaced by SCB137A.
137A SSGN-587 USS Halibut
139 YP-654 class training yachts for Annapolis Naval Academy
140 Cleveland class CL conversion to CLG with Talos
140A Cleveland class CL conversion to CLG with Talos (Flagship)
142 Coontz class DLG
143 Proposed conversion of war-built steel MSO to PCE. (They had been made obsolete as minesweepers by modern mines.)
144 FRAM II Refit of Essex class CVS
146 Cleveland class CL conversion to CLG with Terrier
146A Cleveland class CL conversion to CLG with Terrier (Flagship)
149 LCU
149A LCU1625 class
150 Barbel class SS
152 Project for a 20-knot LST
153 Attack Carrier (CVA) SCB.127A (Constellation) and SCB.160 (Enterprise) built instead.
154 Skipjack class SSN
155 Charles F. Adams class DDG
157 Iwo Jima class LPH
158 Project for a Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser (CGN)
159 Proposed conversion of CVE-106/AKV-38 USS Bock Island into LPH-1.
160 CVAN-65 USS Enterprise
161 Greyback class SSG. They were begun as Darter class SS and modified while under construction.
162 LCM Hydrofoil LCM
165 Project for a Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser (CGN)
166 SSGN FY58 SSGN, not build due to Polaris
166 A SSGN FY58 SSGN, not build due to Polaris
167 Project for a Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser (CGN)
168 Project for a Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser (CGN)
169 CGN-9 USS Long Beach
170 Projected Oiler Submarine (SSO) for seaplane support.
172 Leahy class DLG
173 Conversion of Baltimore class CA to Albany class CG
174 Proposed conversion of Des Moines class CA to Guided Missile Cruisers along the lines of the Albany class CG
176 Proposed conversion of Commencement Bay class CVE to Seaplane Tenders (AV)
177 Conversion of LST-1154 USS Tallahatchie County to an Advance Aviation Base Ship with the Hull Number AVB-2
178 SSKN-597 USS Tullibee
179 AGS Victory FBM survey ship conversion
180 Ethan Allen class SSBN
180A George Washington class SSBN
182 AGSS-569 USS Albacore "Phase II" 1956
182A AGSS-569 Albacore "Phase III" 1959
185 Conrad class AGOR (SCB.710 in the FY1965 system)
187 Raleigh class LPD
187A LPD-3 USS La Salle which became AGF-3 in 1968.
187B Austin class LPD
187C Austin class LPD
188 Permit class SSN
188A Sturgeon class SSN ordered FY1962 to FY1964. Boats ordered FY1965 to FY1969 were SCB.300.
189 DLGN-25 USS Bainbridge which became CGN-25 in the re-classification of 1975.
190 Modernisation of AS-19 USS Proteus to support SSBNs
192 AG USS Oxford
194 Hunley class AS to support SSBNs
196 Sacramento class AOE (SCB.711 in the FY1965 system)
198 AGDE-1 USS Glover which became AGFF-1 in the re-classification of 1975 and FF-1098 in 1979.
199 A family of Ocean Escorts (DE) which became Frigates (FF) in the re-classification of 1975.
199 Bronstein class DE​
199A Garcia class DE​
199B Brooke class DEG​
199C Knox class DE - This only applies to the 10 ships (DE-1052 to 1061) ordered in Fiscal Year 1964. Subsequent ships were SCB.200.65 to SCB.200.68​
202 PCH-1 USS High Point
203 Small Nuclear Attack Carrier (CVAN) became SCB.211.
205 AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ships
206 FRAM I refit of Gearing class DD
207 AGSS-555 Dolphin
208 Mars class AF (SCB-705 in the FY1965 system)
211 CVAN proposed for FY1961 Carrier. SCB.127B (CVA-66 USS America) was built instead.
212 Belknap class DLG
214 Conversion of ATF-112 USS Serrano to Survey Ship with the Hull Number AGS-24.
215 Conversion of CVE-107/AKV-39 USS Gilbert Islands to AGMR-1 USS Annapolis a Major Communications Relay Ship.
216 Laffayette class SSBN
216A Benjamin Franklin class SSBN
218 Study for the conversion of an AVT to launch a satellite (SCB.900.65 in FY1965 system)
219 AGEH-1 USS Plainview a Hydrofoil Research Ship
220 Nasty class PTF
221 ASW Modernisation of Forrest Sherman class
However, this SCB number is also used by...​
221 Fast Swimmer Rescue Boat (LCSR)
222 DLGN-35 USS Truxtun which was re-designated CGN-35 in 1975.
224 Jumboisation of 5 Mispillion class AO.
FY1963 Navasota and Waccamaw​
FY1964 Mispillion, Passumpsic and Pawcatuck​
225 AG Victory class hydrographic research conversion
226 Silas Bent class Medium Survey Ship (AGS)
227 Project for a Typhoon Frigate (DLGN)
228 Conversion of Saipan class Light Fleet Carriers to NECPA ships.
CVL-49/AVT-7 USS Wright became CC-2.​
CVL-48/AVT-6 USS Saipan was to have become CC-3. However, she was converted to a Major Communications Relay Ship instead and renamed Arlington (AGMR-2).​
229 Asheville class (SCB-600.65 in FY1965 system)
231 Project for a NECPA ship (CC) of new design.
232 Modernisation of Suribachi class AE in the 1960s.
233 Alterations to AV-11/AVM-1 USS Norton Sound for Typhoon tests
234 Victory class AK FBM conversion (SCB.715 in FY1965 system)
235 Simon Lake class AS to support SSBNs but duplicated by SCB-238.
236 T-LSV-9 USNS Meteor which became T-AKR-9 in 1975.
238 Simon Lake class AS to support SSBNs but duplicated by SCB-235.
239 Seahawk ASW Destroyer Project
240 Conversion of Forrest Sherman class to DDG.
241 Conversion of Mitscher class to DDG.
242 FRAM II refit of Sailfish
243 Typhoon Frigate (SCB-240.65 in the FY1965 system)
244 Samuel Gompers class AD
245 SSN-671 USS Narwhal one-off
247 Newport class LST (SCB-405 in the FY1965 system)
248 Blue Ridge class LCC (SCB-400.65 in the FY1965 system)
250 CVAN proposed for FY1964. SCB.127C (CVA-67 John F. Kennedy) was built instead.
251 ASW Modernisation of Forrest Sherman class.
One ship USS Barry (DD 933) modernised with FY1964 funds.​
The ships modernised to this standard from FY1965 onwards were SCB.222.​
252 Hydrofoils PGH-1 USS Flagstaff and PGH-2 USS Tucumcari.

I cobbled this together from various sources. The main ones were a middle 1960s edition of Ships and Aircraft of the US fleet and several Norman Friedman books. I have this in an Excel spreadsheet if anyone wants it.

Much of it edited 13.07.22 and 14.07.22 to make it easier to read. Plus a few of the gaps were filled.
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And here is the later system from the same sources:
001-099 Cruisers
001 AAW Modernisation of Cleveland class (This is a guess by me. I have no evidence to support it. However, it fits the pattern.)​
002 AAW Modernisation of Albany class​
002.66 Modernisation of CG-10 USS Albany in FY1966 conversion programme.​
002.67 Modernisation of CG-12 USS Columbus in the FY1967 conversion programme that was cancelled by the Navy.​
003 AAW Modernisation of Boston class​
100-199 Aircraft Carriers
100 Studies for a CVS to replace the Essex class​
100.68 Version to be ordered in Fiscal Year 1968​
100.71 Version to be ordered in Fiscal Year 1971​
101 Major refit of the Midway class​
101.66 CVA-41 Midway's 1966-70 refit.​
According to Jane's 1974-75 it was projected to take 24 months and cost $88.0 million. It actually took 52 months and cost $202.3 million.​
101.68 CVA-42 Franklin D. Roosevelt's refit which was cancelled due to the time and cost overruns of Midway.​
Some sources say that it was SCB.103.68, but I think that's a typo.​
Some sources say that it was the designation of the austere refit which the ship had after SCB.101.68 was cancelled.​
101.70 CVA-43 Coral Sea's refit, which was cancelled due to the time and cost overruns of Midway. This is a guess. I have no evidence to support it.​
102 Nimitz class​
102.67 CVAN-68 Chester W. Nimitz, because she was ordered in Fiscal Year 1967.​
102.70 CVAN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower, because she was ordered in Fiscal Year 1970.​
102.74 CVAN-70 Carl Vinson, because she was ordered in Fiscal Year 1974.​
103 See SCB.101.68.​
200-299 Destroyers
200-219 Ocean Escorts (DE) which became Frigates (FF) in 1975
200 Knox class ordered FY1965 onwards. The 10 ships ordered in FY1964 (DE-1052 to 1061) were SCB-199C.​
200.65 for the 16 FY1965 ships (DE-1062 to 1077)​
200.66 for the 10 FY1966 ships (DE-1078 to 1087)​
200.67 for the 10 FY1967 ships (DE-1088 to 1097)​
200.68 for the 10 FY1968 ships (DE-1098 to 1107) which were either cancelled or deferred.​
220-239 Destroyers (DD)
222.66 ASW Modernisation of Forrest Sherman class​
223.67 DDG to be built in FY67 (Thanks to @A Tentative Fleet Plan in Post 6)​
224.xx The DX which became the Spruance class​
226.xx The Strike Cruiser (CSG) which became the Tinconderoga class​
240-259 Frigates (DL) which became Guided Missile Cruisers (CG) in 1975
240.65 Typhoon Frigate (SCB-243 in the old system)​
241.66 California class​
243.66 AAW Modernisation of Farragut class​
244.66 AAW Modernisation of Leahy class​
246.xx The DXGN which became the Virginia class​
260-279 Patrol Frigates (PF) which became Frigates (FF) in 1975
261.xx Oliver Hazard Perry class​
300-399 Submarines
300 Sturgeon class (SCB.188A in the old system)​
300.65 6 boats (SSN-665 to 670) ordered FY1965 according to Page 18 of Fahey​
300.66 6 boats (SSN-672 to 677) ordered FY1966 according to Page 18 of Fahey​
300.67 5 boats (SSN-678 to 682) ordered FY1967 which is a guess by me​
300.68 2 boats (SSN-683 & 684) ordered FY1968 which is a guess by me.​
300.69 2 boats (SSN-686 & 687) ordered FY1969 which is a guess by me.​
301 The 42nd to 45th SSBNs that were to have been ordered in FY1965 might have been SCB.301.65. I have no proof. It is a guess.​
302 The one-off submarine Glenard P. Lipscomb ordered FY1968 so she might have been SCB.302.68. I have no proof. It is a guess.​
303 Los Angeles class​
304 Ohio class​
400-499 Amphibious Warfare Ships
400 Blue Ridge class LCC (SCB-248 in the old system). They became LCC on 10 January 1969.​
400.65 AGC-19 USS Blue Ridge ordered FY1965.​
400.66 AGC-20 USS Mount Whitney ordered FY1966.​
401 Iwo Jima class LPH (SCB-157 in the old system).​
401.65 LPH-11 USS New Orleans ordered FY1965.​
401.66 LPH-12 USS Inchon ordered FY1966.​
402 Austin class LPD (SCB-187 in the old system).​
402.65 LPD-14 and LPD-15 ordered in FY1965.​
402.66 LPD-16 ordered in FY1966 but deferred in favour of the LHA programme.​
403 Charleston class AKA. They became LKA on 1 January 1969 (Charleston) and 10 January 1969 (the rest).​
403.65 LKA-113 to 116 (4 ships) ordered FY1965​
403.66 LKA-117 USS El Paso ordered FY1966​
404 Anchorage class LSD​
404.65 LSD-36 USS Anchorage ordered FY1965.​
404.66 LSD-37 to 39 (3 ships) ordered in FY1966​
404.67 LSD-40 USS Fort Fisher ordered in FY1967.​
405 Newport class LST (SCB-247 in the old system).​
405.65 LST-1179 USS Newport ordered FY1965.​
405.66 LST-1180 to 1187 (8 ships) ordered FY1966​
405.67 LST-1188 to 1198 (11 ships) ordered FY1967​
406 LCU-1627 class​
410 Tarawa class LHA​
500-599 Mine Warfare Ships
500.66 Liberty ship conversion to MSS​
501.66 A projected class of 16 new MSOs that wasn't built​
502.xx Modernisation of 1950s MSO​
600-699 Patrol Ships
600 Asheville class PG (SCB-229 in the old system)​
602 Pegasus class PHM​
700-799 Auxiliaries and Tenders
700 Samuel Gompers class AD (SCB-244 in the old system)​
700.65 AD-38 US Puget Sound ordered FY1965​
701 An Advance Aviation Base Ship (AVB) for FY1965 which was deferred.​
702 L.Y. Spear class AS​
702.65 AS-36 USS L.Y. Spear ordered FY1965​
702.66 AS-37 USS Dixon ordered FY1966​
703 Kilauea class AE​
703.65 2 ships (AE-26 and 27) ordered FY1965​
703.66 2 ships (AE-28 and 29) ordered FY1966​
703.67 2 ships (AE-39 and 30) ordered FY1967​
703.68 2 ships (AE-31 and 32) ordered FY1968​
704 An Icebreaker (AGB) for FY1965 which was deferred.​
705 Mars class AFS (SCB-208 in the old system)​
705.66 AFS-4 USS White Plains and AFS-5 Concord ordered FY1965​
705.66 AFS-6 USS San Diego ordered FY1966​
705.67 AFS-7 USS San Jose ordered FY1967​
706 Jumboisation of 3 Ashtabula class AO​
706.65 AO-51 USS Ashtabula, AO-98 USS Caloosahatchee and AO-99 USS Canisteo were in FY1965 Conversion Programme.​
707 Wichita class AOR​
707.65 2 ships (AOR-1 and 2) ordered FY1965.​
707.66 2 ships (AOR-3 and 4) ordered FY1966.​
707.67 2 ships (AOR-5 and 6) ordered FY1967.​
708 AGS (Large) it was built as the AGS-29 class​
709 AGS (Medium) (SCB-214 in the old system)​
710 Melville class Oceanographic Research Ship (AGOR) (SCB-185 in the old system)​
710.66 2 ships (AGOR-14 and 15) ordered FY1966​
711 Sacramento class AOE (SCB-196 in the old system)​
711.65 AOE-3 USS Seattle ordered FY1965​
711.66 AOE-4 USS Detroit ordered FY1966​
713 Planned jumboisation of Mission class AO​
714 Simon Lake class AS to support SSBNs​
714.65 AS-35 Unnamed ordered in FY1965 but cancelled.​
This was because the plan was changed from 45 SSBN in 5 squadrons of 9 to 41 SSBN in 4 squadrons of 10 or 11.​
This reduced the number of Submarine Tenders that were required from 6 (one per squadron plus a spare) to 5 (one per squadron plus a spare)​
715 Victory class FBM conversion AGS (SCB-234 in the old system)​
719 Edenton class Salvage Tugs (ATS)​
719.66 ATS-1 USS Edenton ordered FY1966​
719.67 2 ships (ATS-2 and 3) ordered FY1966​
720 Fast Deployment Logistic Ship (FDL)​
720.66 2 ships were proposed for FY1966 but neither was approved​
721 Pigeon class Submarine Rescue Ships (ASR)​
721.67 ASR-21 USS Pigeon ordered FY1967​
721.68 ASR-22 USS Ortolan ordered FY1968​
723 Chauvenet class Large Survey Ships (AGS)​
723.65 T-AGS-29 USNS Chauvenet ordered FY1965​
723.66 T-AGS-32 USNS Harkness ordered FY1966​
725 Silas Bent class AGS​
726 Hayes class Oceanographic Research Ship (AGOR)​
726.67 T-AGOR-16 ordered FY1967​
728 Silas Bent class AGS​
734 Gyre class AGOR​
737 Emory S. Land class Submarine Tender (AS)​
739 Cimarron class AO​
800-899 Service Craft
800 YP-666/667 for the Naval Academy​
900-999 Special Purpose Ships
900.65 Design study for a ship to launch satellites (SCB-218 in the old system)​
Formatting altered 13.07.22 to make it easier to read. Some more alterations to the formatting were made on 03.10.22.
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Chapter 19: Under Two Flags, of Gray Steel and Black Oil: Fast Tankers and Replenishment at Sea in the US Navy 1912-1992, briefly mentions two Post War Replenishment Ship designs drawn up in May 1946:

"Project 22", a Fast Oiler intended to replenish Fast Task Force Screens, with a sustained speed of 25-30 knots with full load, good subdivision with split engineering plant, strong AA battery, and capacity for 300 tons of fresh and frozen provisions and 20,000 rounds of 5-inch cargo ammunition.


"Project 23", a Fast Cargo Ship with similar characteristics, but intended to carry a balanced load of ammunition, stores, and provisions to replenish major combatants.

Might these designs be SCB-22 and SCB-23 respectively?

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