unknow Mars Project by Korolev ?

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13 August 2007
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on ForumAstronautico.it i found is this topic

Sergei Korolev had planed 1964 a Mars mission for year 1974
build from Soyuz and Lunar Hardware launch in 70-90 ton piece with N-1 rocket
called MPRKK (Marsjanski pilotirujemy raketno-kosmitscheski kompleks), with 3 cosmonauts on board
together with launch stage MRK (Meshplanetny raketny kompleks) its weight 600-500 tons
the mission module is a TMK(Tjasholy meshplanetny korabl) with 5 decks
MPRKK use aerodynamic Braking at Mars
the Mars Excursion Module is a modified LK called MPK
the 3 cosmonauts return on board of Soyuz capsule back, as TMK make flyby at earth

the German author Gerhard Kowalski takes this book as reverence

Wladimir Bugrow: »Marsianski projekt S. P. Koroljowa«. Verlag Russkije Witjasi Moskau 2007/Archiv Kowalski

question, is this real from Sergei Korolev ? or came this only from his design office ?

source in Italian:
they source PDF in German
Picture from extracted PDF


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I study that theme about two years and I can say it is true. I met the author of the book “Marsianski projekt S. P. Koroljowa” – Vladimir Bugrow. He was as main engineer (lead engineer) in OKB-1 on that project during 1961-1964. He detailed explain evaluation of mars ship TMK to MPRKK. I made some illustrations about that theme. You can see it below. Many illustrations now not finished – I want show all steps of mars expedition. That work is in development.
Also I want make focus on one important think: at first in OKB-1 was project of Manned Mars Expedition 1960-1964 (N1-TMK/MPRKK). Then was project of Manned Lunar Expedition 1964-1974 (N1-LK3). From 1966 (the Korolev died) the Manned Mars Expedition project moved from OKB-1 to NII-88. Those projects called “MAVR” and “AELITA”.
My illustrations regarding that theme (DRAFT, NOT FINISHED! so, please not use in any publications!) ONLY FOR SECRET PROJECT FORUM:


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THX for picture
Michel Van said:
THX for picture

...Seconded! Excellent work, with information that Mark Wade would probably love to have forwarded to him once you've completed your research, if you're interested. I understand Encyclopedia Astronomica is finally back up, and it looks like Mark's been doing some site tweaking as well.
Yes much thanks on the pictures. One thing I am wondering-was the Soviet plan to not land on the moon first, rather land on Mars, a planet, instead? That might explain the Soviets playing catch-upin the "Moonrace"
I want to make clear something:

1. On Mark's illustration there are no some variants of the ships. That I presented above I add one more concept. It is the ship with a nuclear reactor and ion engines which was studied in 9 department of OKB-1 in sector of Adamovich. This illustration is taken from his book. The draft project was ready in 1962 and described the ship in a general view. This ship no concern to TMK-E of Feoktistov.

2. One of the ship Mark called "TMK-E early concept". But it is not so correct. Simply it is similar to TMK-Adamovich ship and I suppose Mark mixed the ships (TMK-E means electric ship with ion engines). Actually it is the concept of ТМК ship studied during the same period in sector of Maksimov. That TMK have to departure from Earth orbit to Mars by chemical rocket engines. The comparison of that ships presented below.

So, I updated Mark's illustration. It will be more exact. It is my vision and can be not finally.


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OMG original russian data about TMK

Zillion THX, Igor Bezyaev

with wat rocket had be TMK be launch, N1 or UR-700 ?
TMK was to be launched by the N-1, and in fact was partially responsible for setting the payload specifications of that rocket:
unclejim said:

...Hope that helps. I know there's a couple of people here who don't care for Mark's site, but I've yet to see them offer a "more accurate" alternative. If you've never visited astronautix.com, about the only complaint I've ever gotten over referring it to someone is when someone chews my ass out of having gotten hooked into reading the site content, and spending several days straight reading as much as they can before fatigue finally sets in. God/Yahweh/Roddenberry knows that's exactly what happened to me the first time I came across the site, and that was over a decade ago when it was about -half- the size it currently is.
1-st September in Moscow in the Memorial MUSEUM OF COSMONAUTICS there is presented some exhibition "Forward to Mars!" (Âïåðåä íà Ìàðñ!). There are 3 of 15 stands show the Soviet project of manned expedition to Mars developed by S. Korolev (1959-1974). Unfortunately I have photos with poor quality.


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The design with the hinge is interesting, to get the reactor away from the crew I presume?
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