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20 January 2007
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Buttler has chosen WE.177, RB.141, not WE177, RB141. It's now GR4, MRA4 no longer GR.1, MR.1.
Official terminology does change (Javelin F.(A.W).1; F.A.W.4; FAW.9).
Do we have agreement on a Forum convention for these things?
I must admit to being somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of us, ie an internet forum, deciding what designations should be applied. I have seen designations of equipment change within a single document, e.g. WE177 and WE.177. Which is correct? A document from a week earlier would have called WE.177 the Laydown Bomb or Lay Down Bomb or more correctly, LAYDOWN BOMB.

So, if you're intending an in-forum "style sheet" such as USAF designations must have a hyphen or UK weapons projects must be captalised that's fine, a good idea to clarify postings. However, I would be very wary of laying down the law that we must use the Secret Projects Forum designations, rather than what you find in the original documents. I'm minded to use what was in the original sources, but if these don't match the style sheet perhaps a short explanation is required.

What's needed is a cross-referenced encyclopaedia or directory. Would an updated expanded Skomer be useful?


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