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Turkish Space Agency [TUA]


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Jul 15, 2020
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In a major milestone, Turkey on Tuesday unveiled its ambitious 10-year space road map that includes missions to the moon, sending Turkish astronauts to a scientific mission in space and developing internationally viable satellite systems.



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Jul 15, 2020
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Unification of Satellite Production under a single Framework and Indigenous Satellite Development Programme​

In order to streamline satellite production activities and achieve efficient and effective management,
• Consolidate core skills that are relevant to satellite technologies and incorporate them in an excellence center,
• Perform effective resource management in line with the requirements in a centralized manner,
• Achieve the goal of self-sufficiency in space technologies with minimum resource possible.

Moon Programme​

Sending a Moon rover produced using indigenous technological capabilities to the Moon surface, and therefore,
• Gaining experience in launching technologies and deep space systems while accumulating heritage for already available indigenous space systems,
• Become one of the few nations that have reached the Moon and therefore upgrade the position of Turkey in the space area,
• Increase awareness about space in our country,
• Contribute to global science and technology through experiments performed on the rover platform.

Regional Positioning and Timing​

• Through establishing a regional positioning and timing system,
• Obtain independent positioning and timing skills,
• Increase the positioning and timing precision for our country and all countries in the region,
• Create a self-sufficient indigenous nuclei in positioning and timing technologies.

Access to Space and Space Port​

With the high-level goals of independently fulfilling the national demand for space vehicle and satellite launching, and creating a sustainable commercial system that serves international customers with surplus capacity;

• Developing critical technologies,
• Establishing a launching facility infrastructure

Space Weather Research​

It is aimed to create the scientific and technological infrastructure and know-how to ensure safety and sustainability of space missions, to raise national scientific competence in space weather and space science, and to contribute to universal science by increasing international cooperation of Turkey.

Forming Space Industry Ecosystem​

In order to increase the efficiency of Turkish space industry and maximizing the output with the dedicated resources, it is sought to
• Obtain and sustain the competence that is required to realize the Turkish National Space Programme,
• Achieve the export of national space technology and its products and services,
• Utilize the developed technologies in other areas and achieve their contribution to the welfare of society,
• and achieve high-quality human resources employment.

Turkish Astronaut and Scientific Mission​

Incentivize international cooperation and participation in scientific space studies for Turkish scientists by enabling their access to space, in order to;
• Provide opportunities to Turkish scientists for conducting research in space environment,
• Increase visibility of Turkey in space domain,
• Encourage new generations to work in space domain,
• Increase the interest in science and technology.

Observation and Tracking of Space Objects from Earth​

It is aimed to obtain space situational awareness through observation of active satellites, space debris, planets and other space objects from Earth, and therefore,

• Ensure safety of Turkish national assets in space,
• Obtain the skill to independently and with high precision model the orbits of Turkish satellites,
• Perform scientific studies aimed at planetary exploration and analysis of space objects.

Space Technology Development Zone​

It is intended to establish a Space technologies development Region in order to:
• incentivize the development of the national space industry ecosystem,
• increase the efficiency and agility of the national space industry,
• and increase the export capability of national space industry.


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Jul 15, 2020
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Delta-V Sounding rocket with hybrid propulsion
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9ryu4L7aPs

Roketsan sounding rocket with solid rocket engine
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejhdoTiEL5E

SSB and Roketsan signed a contract for Micro Satellite Launch System (MUFS) Development Project. When the project is over, micro-satellites of 100 kilograms and below will be placed in the low-earth orbit with a height of at least 400 kilometers. Turkey, owned by the country of the world satellite launch, testing, will have gained the ability to produce infrastructure and bases.
The project covers the development and testing of the Micro Satellite Launch System, which can accommodate micro-satellites of 100 kilograms and below, with a height of at least 400 kilometers in the Low Earth Trajectory. Under the contract, Roketsan will develop the Micro Satellite Launch Vehicle and install the test / production facilities and launch base. Thus, Turkey has few countries in the world where satellite launch, testing, will have gained the ability to produce infrastructure and bases.

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