ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems/HDW Type 800 sub (NOT Dolphin)


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1 April 2006
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Anyone knows more about this mysterious coastal sub project?
It was advertised ca.2006 as Type 800, but not to be confused with Dolphin-class built for Israel Navy.
Further project progress is curtained as much as Barracuda cavitating torpedo did.


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First I will start with the second picture:
The second picture shows an early or less detailed version of the modularly multipurpose mast "Triple M". I wrote about it in 2007:
fightingirish said:
The other innovation is the modularly multipurpose mast "Triple M" (German: Modularer Mehrzweck-Mast).
The three companies Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW, part the Thyssen Krupp Navy systems),Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH (RWM) und Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH (GM) equipped the mast in one version with the recoilless automatic cannon RMK 30 x 230 "Murena", which was developed for the helicopter Tiger. The employment of this weapon can be used easy against sea and land targets up to at least 2000 meters distance at periscope- or emerged depth.
Also a AAM system (like Stinger) can be used with that mast.
In another version up to three UAV's can be launched with the "Triple M".
The UAV "ALADIN" was developed for the German Army.
The last version is a ELINT/COMINT system for the "Triple M".
To that extent seems such a system seems ideal to be suitable, a certain coast region, for example before suspending special Forces (SEAL's) to get targert- and geographical characteristics, artificial obstacles or opposing positions.
Both systems are been tested and maybe be built in the next generation of the German U212A/214 submarine.

Maybe the first picture shows a U212/214-upgrade for older U209 submarines, like the Type 210mod presented by HDW at SUBCON 2007. But if this picture is from 2006, it might show the 2nd batch of the "Typ 800" Dolphin class submarine. in 2006, Israel signed a contract with ThyssenKrupp to purchase two additional submarines from its HDW subsidiary. The two new boats will be an upgraded version of the old Dolphins, and are going to feature an Air-independent propulsion system, similar to the one used on type 214 submarines. On July 6, 2006, the Government of Germany decided to pay an advance to start the construction, about 170 million euros. The two submarines will cost, overall, around 1.3 billion euros, of which one-third will be paid by Germany.[1] The first one is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

Some Info about the U210mod, which has an X-sten like the U212-class submarine.
In 2007 HDW presented a new submarine ,
Design is (obviously) based on the Type 210, which is better known as the Norwegian Ula class.
Several subcomponents will be identical to or derived from Type 212A/214 hardware, others (as with Type 210) will come from the proven Type 209 line.

Some characteristics that have been laid out so far:

* Dimensions: 56 m length, 1,000 tons submerged (slightly smaller than Type 210)
* Crew: 15 men crew in two-shift, 21 men in three-shift operation; additional bunkspace reserved
* Endurance: 30 days target
* Automation: only in areas where crew numbers can be reduced by it
* Construction: Single-hull, HY80 steel; small sail (as in 212A) for signature reduction
* Propulsion: Dieselelectric; 2x improved MTU 12V 396 diesel (from 209?); Permasyn "silent" electric engine (from 212A)
* Signature Reduction Features: X-Rudder configuration, Skew-Back propeller
* Armament: 8x 533mm torpedo tubes (14 torpedoes); missile launch or mine capability installable on customer demand
* Sail installations: optical periscope, telescoping communications mast, telescoping radar mast, two-man diver chamber (for SF insertion operations); additional space reserved
* Sonar: see attached picture 5 (sensors)

HDW, with Type 210mod, says is trying to tackle "budget" markets in particular in South America and South-East Asia to be able to directly compete with the current Russian export offensive in those areas, pricewise.
Additionally, HDW sees the Type 210mod as a good potential "entry submarine", for navies without submarines yet. A secondary market is to sell certain navies a new budget submarine instead of costly modernization of existing subs. And the third market is as a "low-end" supplement to navies with Type 214 or Type 209/1400 (or similar) subs, as HDW will market it with interoperability and straight compatibility (including crew training) to those classes.

HDW plans this sub as a direct competitor to Amur and SMX-23.
The Type 210mod apparently garnered a lot of interest at SUBCON 2007. TKMS/HDW is currently in the final design phases and expects to have the design ready for biddings in 2008.
Have there been any updates on the U210mod? I haven't seen much since it was revealed in 2007.


it's been a while... Never the less: Judging by the torpedo arrangement, this sub seems to be smaller than the 210mod which features 8 torpedo tubes in a similar arrangement let alone 214/Dolphin.

The only thing that comes to mind is the HDW TASCO in the picture attached. Not sure if the timelines fit however if the picture of the type 800 was issued in 2006.

I'd love to find out more in case anyone has more to share about this submarine / HDW TASCO.

Kind regards,


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p.s.: This graphic was on the TKMS homepage back in 2006 apparently. It shows the Type 800 next to the Dolphin and as a evolution of the (or more likely spiritual successor to the) class 206. The silhouette matches the picture above pretty well, I'd say.


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Had anyone more information about this submarine / HDW TASCO?

I'd love to find out more in case anyone has more to share about these submarines.

many thanks,
The type 800A was planned for Denmark in the year 1998, the boat was strongly based on the class 212A, should also get a sound insulation module for the engine plant and AIP however LOX tank within the pressure hull (like Kl.214). The pressure hull was to have a continuous diameter of 5.5m, unlike U 212A, and the boat length was to be 59.5m meters with just under 900t displacement. However, this type of boat was not built because Denmark opted for leased submarines from Sweden.

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