The History of Big Safari


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2 December 2006
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  • (Paperback)
    • Paperback: 484 pages
    • Publisher: Archway (January 30, 2014)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1480804568
    • ISBN-13: 978-1480804562
    • For more than half a century, Big Safari-modified aircraft have performed dangerous and essential missions to collect intelligence, conduct surveillance and reconnaissance, and engage in special operations missions around the globe in the interest of national security. These state-of-the-art aircraft have been flown, operated, and maintained by men and women whose dedication and commitment have made the world a safer place. In The History of Big Safari, author Colonel Bill Grimes, a retired US Air Force officer, presents a history of this program, which has been in existence for more than sixty years. Born as a special acquisition program in 1952, Big Safari has been in a unique position to save lives by rapidly fielding essential systems with a quick-reaction capability to ensure decision makers on the battlefield and at the Pentagon have timely intelligence to plan and execute operations. Grimes shows how, without a special acquisition program such as Big Safari, the nation's ability to react to evolving dangers and threats would be mired in bureaucracy when timely responses are critical. With detailed cutaway illustrations revealing aircraft modifications and mission equipment, The History of Big Safari also includes photographs, sidebars, and anecdotes. It goes behind the scenes with the men and women who participated in the challenging projects and daring missions. It shares the development of cutting-edge technology and special mission aircraft, as well as the global events that necessitated these once-classified programs. Finally, it provides insight into long-veiled projects, operations, and missions that comprise the world under the purview of Big Safari.
OUTSTANDING WORK ..... Thought I had a handle on most of the older 'secret' projects. Boy was I wrong. This is a self publishing book by a new division of Simon & Shuster and one of the best books in subject and publishing I've received through print on demand. Mr Grimes covers every project prior to 2002 done even those as small as providing a single engine civilian 'spy' plane along the border of a Central American country. Project not still under security clearance after 2002 are also covered. Most programs are supported by photos and or by a 3-dimensional drawing of the aircraft with all the sensors and cameras for the program shown in place. Only detractor is that the paper selected for this publication is not glossy which makes the photos less than ideal. Highly recommended and a great value for the money.
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